What is the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose about?

The Rev. Moore (Tom Wilkinson) is prosecuted for the wrongful death of a girl thought to be demonically possessed, because he administered the church-sanctioned exorcism that ultimately killed her. Prosecuting attorney Ethan Thomas (Campbell Scott) contends that the young woman, Emily (Jennifer Carpenter), suffered from schizophrenia and should have been medically diagnosed. Meanwhile, defense lawyer Erin Bruner (Laura Linney) argues that Emily’s condition cannot be explained by science alone.

Is The Exorcism of Emily Rose a good movie?

‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ is extremely depressing & yet gripping. It’s masterfully written by Paul Harris Boardman & Derrickson. The Screenplay is scary, horrifying, depressing & yet gripping. Every Sequence unfolds very well.

Is The Exorcism of Emily Rose for kids?

Parents need to know that the movie, despite its PG-13 rating, includes gruesome imagery, sound effects, and especially explicit references to demonic possession, animalistic behavior, self-inflicted violence, and of course, questions concerning religious faith and skepticism.

What happened to Father Moore in The Exorcism of Emily Rose?

Father Richard Moore, the family’s priest, is called in to perform the rite of exorcism to rid Emily of her demonic tormentors. Father Moore is not successful. Emily dies. And Moore is charged with negligent homicide.

Is The Exorcism of Emily Rose a remake of The Exorcist?

According to IMDb, the film also stars Tom Wilkinson as the priest, Father Moore. It’s a fresh take on the exorcism motif used in films before it. While it paid homage to movies like The Exorcist, it also had its own unique approach. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is actually told as a legal drama.

What caused Emily Rose to become possessed?

Anneliese Michel
Cause of deathMalnutrition Dehydration
Resting placeKlingenberg am Main, Bavaria

What happened on set of the original Exorcist movie?

The Exorcist was faced with multiple production delays but the most notable one happened early on into the production. The set for Regan’s family home burned down in 1972 after a bird flew into the circuit box. Eerily, the only part of the set that survived was the bedroom where the exorcisms would take place.


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