What is the movie The Blind Side rated?

Is Blind Side OK for kids?

Overall this is a feel good sports drama that the whole family will enjoy. However, it is PG13 due to some violence and disturbing scenes. I would recommend this for kids ages 9 and up. Parents will love it too.

Why is The Blind Side PG-13?

The Blind Side is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for one scene involving brief violence, drug and sexual references. This movie depicts an altercation between young men after one youth makes crude sexual remarks about another’s adoptive mother and sister.

Why is Coach Carter Rated PG 13?

Parents need to know that Coach Carter has some mature material, including an out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy and a discussion of abortion.

Is The Blind Side a sad movie?

“The Blind Side” is the wonderful heartwarming true story of a lonely homeless teenager that moves to the house of a Caucasion Christian family that follows the principles of their religion helping the others.

Are there any inappropriate scenes in sightless?

Sexual Content: A female character is shown naked from the shoulders up in the shower in a non-sexual context. Profanity: There is one use of extreme profanity and occasional minor cursing and terms of deity. Alcohol / Drug Use: Adult characters are shown drinking and smoking cigarettes.

Can a 10 year old watch The Blind Side?

This movie was touching and a good family movie for kids 9 and up. There are a few scenes that are inappropriate for kids (drugs, fights, kids getting pulled away from their parents, and a car crash), but overall it had good messages.

Why is The Blind Side rated R?

While language and sexual content are quite mild, you can expect a couple of brief violent scenes, references to drug use, and social drinking.

Is there cursing in The Blind Side?

Despite his past, he works hard both in the classroom and on the field to better himself. TIM McGRAW plays Leigh Anne’s husband, an ultra successful restaurateur who doesn’t mind letting Leigh Anne run the household and call the shots. He uses some brief minor profanity.


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