What is the movie Sunset song about?

At the dawning of the Great War, a young daughter of a farmer endures the hardships of rural Scottish life as she comes of age, based on the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

Is Sunset song based on a true story?

AuthorLewis Grassic Gibbon
Followed byCloud Howe

What happens at the end of Sunset Song?

Very quickly afterwards she and Ewan fall in love and decide to get married and Chris is relieved that she will be able to stay in Kindraddie. Chris and Ewan have a loving marriage and she gives birth to a son, Ewan Jr, just as the start of World War I.

Where are the standing stones in Sunset Song?

Filming locations featured on the Sunset Song map include: Glenmuick Estate, near Ballater – where the standing stones were created.

Where was Sunset Song filmed?

Terence Davies’ Sunset Song was filmed at various locations across Aberdeenshire, including Fettercairn and the Glenmuick, Glen Tanar, Invercauld and Ballogie estates.

Is Kinraddie a real place?

Nearly all of the place names mentioned in the book can be found on a map with the chief exception of the village of Kinraddie, which is fictitious, but closely based on Arbuthnott, a small village in Aberdeenshire where the author, James Leslie Mitchell (Lewis Grassic Gibbon), grew up.

Who wrote sunset song?

Lewis Grassic Gibbon


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