What is the movie Scream rated?

Why is the movie Scream rated R?

It’s a horror film that digs at horror, and that’s something that matters even now. “Scream” (2022) is rated R for strong bloody violence, language throughout and some sexual references.

Is there any dirty scenes in Scream?

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “strong bloody violence, language throughout and some sexual references.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes a few passionate kissing scenes, a shower scene with partial nudity, several sexual references, many attacks by a killer using a knife and causing many very bloody and

Is Scream suitable for a 13 year old?

Scream is Rated R for strong bloody violence, language throughout and some sexual references which means it may not suitable for kids under 17.

Is scream a PG 13 movie?

Haters of PG-13 horror can let out a big sigh of relief as the fifth film installation of the “Scream” franchise has officially been given the R-rating from the MPAA, ensuring the entire franchise requires adult supervision or skilled theater hopping skills for viewers under the age of 17.

How many times does Scream say the F word?

A face slap resulting in a woman’s bruised face. Lots of “jump” scenes with chases, glass exploding, people jumping out. Threatening with guns. LANGUAGE 6 – 15+ F-words, many mild obscenities, many scatological references, and many anatomical references.


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