What is the movie On The Rocks about?

The story of a young mother who reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father on an adventure through New York. In this comedy about aging, marriage, and the tenuous bond between parents and grown children, New York author and married mother-of-two Laura has become suspicious that her career-driven husband may be having an affair with a coworker, a speculation encouraged by her caddish, bon vivant father.

Is on the rocks a movie or series?

On the Rocks is a 2020 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Sofia Coppola. It follows a father and daughter (Bill Murray and Rashida Jones) as they harbor suspicions about her husband’s (Marlon Wayans) fidelity.

Where is Rocks filmed?

Production. The film was shot around East London in summer 2018. Locations include Ridley Road market. The crew consisted of 75% women, and director Sarah Gavron cast almost exclusively non-professional actors from the local area.

What does the idiom on the rocks mean?

1. Ruined, spoiled, as in Six months after the wedding, their marriage was on the rocks. This expression, alluding to a ship running aground on rocks and breaking apart, has been used figuratively for other disasters since the late 1800s. 2. Served over ice only, as in He always drinks whiskey on the rocks.

How long is the movie on the rocks?

1h 36m

Where can I watch the Rocks movie?

How to watch On The Rocks on streaming. On The Rocks arrives on Apple TV Plus on Friday (Oct. 23). Apple TV Plus is available around the world, and the film will likely arrive sometime around midnight PT.

What does it mean to get a drink On The Rocks?

“On the rocks” means serving an alcoholic beverage in a cocktail glass with ice. Adding ice to a drink affects a drink primarily by keeping it cold and slightly diluting it over time.

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