What is The Meg rated for?

Is The Meg rated PG?

The Meg | 2018 | PG-13 | – 1.6.

What cuss words are in The Meg?

Fun action movie for tweens and parents – There are jump scares, blood and some carnage. For language expect one s-word, SOB but the f-word was never used. Overall, I think this is a fun action movie for all tweens. Parents will enjoy it too!

Is there blood in The Meg?

Parents need to know that The Meg is an action movie about a giant prehistoric shark and the team of heroes (led by Jason Statham) trying to stop it. Violence is definitely the biggest issue here: Many characters die, and there’s some blood (wounds, blood swirling in the water).

What age rating is Jaws?

The PG certificate of Jaws has always struck many as a strange decision, due to its frightening suspense and gory shark attacks.

What rating is The Meg in UK?

It has been awarded a 12A rating in the UK meaning hardcore fans shouldn’t expect the Megalodon to be excessively violent during its reign of terror.

Is The Meg ok for 10 year old?

‘The Meg’ is exactly what it promises to be with plenty of exciting shark attacks but with lots of scary moments of suspense, jump scares and some deaths, we recommend this movie for kids aged 10 and over.

What is The Meg rated as?

‘The Meg’ is one of the summer’s most fun, most mindless blockbusters, a shark vs. human movie that doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny but is enjoyably dumb. Age Appropriate For: 12+.


The Meg

The Meg Official Trailer #1 (2018) Jason Statham, Ruby Rose …

THE MEG – Official Trailer #1 [HD]

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