What is the man from nowhere about?

Former secret agent Tae-shik’s only contact is with a girl named So-mi, who’s mother smuggles drugs for a gang. When the gang realise who Tae-shik is they kidnap So-mi and her mother, demanding that Tae-shik make a drug delivery.

What happens at the end of the man from nowhere?

Bittersweet Ending: The drug and organ traffickers are dead and gone, and So-Mi was alive after all, but it’s heavily implied that Tae-Sik’s killing spree is going to end up in him spending time in jail. Earn Your Happy Ending: Surprising, given the movie’s bleak tone.

Is man from nowhere worth watching?

It’s a good film and is worth watching especially to Won Bin fan (But there are scenes that you may find it so cruel and disturbing ). And you will definitely love the cute So-mi.

What streaming service has the man from nowhere?

Right now you can watch The Man from Nowhere on Hulu Plus. You are able to stream The Man from Nowhere by renting or purchasing on iTunes or Vudu.

Is John Wick based on the man from nowhere?

‘John Wick’ Team Readies Remake of South Korean Actioner ‘The Man from Nowhere’ Since its release in 2010, the stylish South Korean action-thriller The Man from Nowhere has been attractive to American filmmakers and studios. Originally directed by Lee Jeong-beom, starring Won Bin

What movies inspired Johnwick?

The Killer is the closest movie to John Wick that he made, with its “hitman trying to leave his job and live a normal life” storyline, so it is referenced and compared with Stahelski’s films often. John Woo is the real source of inspiration for John Wick here, though, despite the similarities between the film’s plots.

Is John Wick a remake?

John Wick
Graphic novel(s)John Wick (2020)
Films and television

Is the man from nowhere on Netflix?

Rent The Man from Nowhere (2010) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.


Trailer The Man from Nowhere (2010) HD – Official Trailer

The Man From Nowhere – Trailer

The Man from Nowhere (2010) – Explosive Revenge Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

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