What is Scarface rated?

What is Scarface Rated R for?

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that Scarface is extremely violent from start to finish and is not recommended to anyone under the age of 17. It has developed a cultlike following, especially among teenage males.

Is Scarface a must watch?

Scarface is surely one of the best crime movie ever made.Al Pacino’s performance as a sharp minded,angry,dangerous and powerful criminal is phenomenal.Al Pacino is playing a character which is brutal,angry,fearless and at the same time has love for his sister.

What movie has the most N words in it?

A year earlier, Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” grew infamous for its controversial use of racial slurs, and is considered the movie with the most instances of the N-word.

Is Scarface a gory?

There are lots of shootings in this movie but none of them are overly graphic. The Chainsaw scene is the most violent but all you see is a mild amount of blood spraying onto Tony’s face. The final shootout is violent but not too bloody. A man is stabbed in the gut.

Why is Scarface the best movie?

  • It had to be made. The most important reason for remaking a film is to be truly passionate about it.
  • It evolved the original story.
  • It respects the original.
  • It was made by the true filmmakers.
  • It is a film about people.
  • It is not a remake.

Why is Scarface so iconic?

Despite Being filled with misogyny and stereotypes, Scarface still captivates those fascinated by outlaws and the American Dream. Tony Montana, or Scarface, was one of the first major Latino film characters that people respected and feared.

How long is the movie Scarface?

2h 50m

Is Scarface a good movie Reddit?

Before you throw stones at me, I’m not mocking the movie or saying that it is bad. I really love it, in part because it makes room for a more ironic reading. I just have a very modern take on it and I really think the movie is intentionally funny in a morbid sort of way.

Is Scarface a remake?

The truth is, 1983’s Scarface is a remake. It’s a remake of the 1932 film by Howard Hawks. That’s just it, though. The Brian De Palma Scarface is so popular, and so beloved, that I think most people would arguably say that it’s better than the original.

Is Tony Montana Italian?

In the original Howard Hughes production, Tony was an immigrant from Italy. In the Cold War era film, Montana is a refugee from Cuba. Their shared first mistake is to believe in the American Dream.


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