What is Promising Young Woman rated for?

Is Promising Young Woman Rated R?

Why is Promising Young Woman rated R? Promising Young Woman is rated R by the MPAA for strong violence including sexual assault, language throughout, some sexual material and drug use.

Can a 14 year old watch Promising Young Woman?

This film should be required viewing for older teens who have a need for a deeper understanding of consent. The film takes particular aim at “nice guys” who lack the stomach for forcibly raping young women who fight back but who are lauded for conquering women who are too incapacitated to consent to sexual activity.

What did Cassie do to Madison?

Madison McPhee – Cassie gets Madison sufficiently drunk and then questions her about Nina. After all these years, Madison still believes that it was Nina’s fault for getting that drunk. Cassie has paid a guy to take Madison to a room in the hotel and act like the two had sex.

Is Promising Young Woman family friendly?

Parents need to know that Promising Young Woman is a dark revenge comedy/feminist thriller about a woman named Cassie (Carey Mulligan) who pretends to be a “drunken vixen” to test men’s good intentions. The ones who try to take advantage of her inability to consent are in store for an epic reckoning.

Is Promising Young Woman disturbing?

Finally, “Promising Young Woman” disturbs viewers because it’s both horrifying and hilarious. For decades, audiences have expected films critiquing sexual assault to treat their subject matter with the utmost seriousness.


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