What is movie Stowaway rated?

Is the movie Stowaway rated R?

WILL KIDS WANT TO SEE IT? They might if they’re into space related movies, and/or are fans of anyone in the cast. While not rated by the MPAA, the film has a TV rating of TV-MA (the equivalent of an R) due to language.

Is stowaway a horror movie?

Stowaway is a 2021 science fiction thriller drama film directed by Joe Penna, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ryan Morrison.

Is stowaway worth watching?

Stowaway would appear to be trying to recreate elements of the 2013 movie Gravity which won seven Academy Awards. Stowaway succeeds in posing unique dilemmas with sprinkles of drama, but nothing to match Gravity. Regardless, it’s absolutely a worthwhile watch. It’s a nice way to pass an evening.

Why does Michael have scars in stowaway?

As she works on the wound the second time, Zoe notices a large burn scar on his torso. Later, Michael says that he suffered it in an apartment fire: Michael’s father pulled him and his little sister, Ava, to safety, but Dad didn’t make it.

Why is Stowaway rated R?

While Stowaway has a touch too much profanity for some family audiences, parents should know that cussing is the only major concern. There are some graphic depictions of blood and injury, but these are all the results of accidents or external conditions.

Is Stowaway movie violent?

Without having to resort to any violence, sex, or gore, this science fiction movie portrays a serious sociological problem that will be over the heads of younger children but is important to help older kids see the importance of life-changing decisions.

What is a stowaway passenger?

A stowaway or clandestine traveller is a person who secretly boards a vehicle, such as a ship, an aircraft, a train, cargo truck or bus.


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