What is movie Sound of Metal about?

A heavy-metal drummer’s life is turned upside down when he begins to lose his hearing and he must confront a future filled with silence.

What does the ending mean in the sound of metal?

During the film’s final scene, where Ruben eventually finds stillness in silence and finds his own acceptance as a deaf man; that is a direct nod to the conversation your character has with him, where you’re talking about moments of stillness and the Kingdom of God.

Who is Ruben in Sound of Metal?

Sound Of Metal tells the story of a heavy-metal drummer named Ruben, played by Riz Ahmed. The film is nominated for six Academy Awards — including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. Ruben is in a band with his girlfriend, Lou, played by Olivia Cooke.

What did Sound of Metal win?

Amazon Studios’ Sound of Metal won the Oscar on Sunday for Best Sound, an award that was revealed by the film’s star Riz Ahmed during the Oscarcast on ABC. The victory for the indie film, about a heavy metal drummer who begins to lose his hearing, was its first of the night.

Is Sound of Metal film a true story?

Although it certainly feels like a “based on a true story” kind of movie, it’s actually entirely fictional — but Ahmed and the movie’s whole team worked to be sure that their depictions of hearing loss and the deaf community were accurate and respectful.

Why does he lose his hearing in Sound of Metal?

According to TheCinemaholic, the story of Sound of Metal is based on Derek Cianfrance’s unfinished docufiction movie Metalhead, which follows a metal drummer as he loses his hearing after his eardrums are ruptured. Derek Cianfrance gave his blessing to Darius Marder to use the story for his feature directorial debut.

Can you go deaf like in Sound of Metal?

On the other hand, as an Audiologist, there were some details in the film that I think should be clarified for accuracy. First, although consistent noise exposure is very dangerous and can be detrimental to one’s hearing, it generally does not cause a sudden profound hearing loss to occur overnight.

Can I rent Sound of Metal?

Sound of Metal is also available to rent ($5.99) or buy ($14.99) on iTunes.

Where can I watch Sound of Metal in Canada?

As such, we do not expect Sound of Metal to be available on any other subscription streaming service in Canada (like Netflix or Prime Video) until mid-2022 at the earliest. As a reminder, the total direct subscription price for Crave + Movies + HBO is currently $19.98/month.

What company produced Sound of Metal?



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