What is going on in Cosmic Sin?

Set in 2523, director Edward Drake’s sci-fi action film Cosmic Sin follows a group of Earth soldiers on a space colony tasked with repelling an alien invasion. The creatures are possessing humans using a black goo, and as part of a hive mind, they intend to use the Ellora colony’s stargate to make the jump to Earth.

Is Cosmic Sin family friendly?

Cosmic Sin SEX/NUDITY 2 – – A man and a woman kiss twice in one scene and the man says that he has always wanted to have sex in his jumpsuit; the interaction ends there. Two flashbacks show a man and a woman embracing. A woman kisses a man on the cheek. ► A man says his crew will be “sucked off” by a black hole.

Who is the sniper in Cosmic Sin?

Although stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo are the main attractions as far as casting goes, there’s another actress in “Cosmic Sin” you might also remember from elsewhere. Here’s why C.J. Perry, who plays badass sniper Sol Cantos, looks so familiar.

Is Halo a Cosmic Sin?

Cosmic Sin’s premise bears a striking resemblance to the world-renowned X-Box video game franchise, Halo, which first spawned in 2001 with Halo: Combat Evolved.

How much money did Bruce Willis get for Cosmic Sin?

For a single day of work, Willis is paid $US1-2 million, the producers get to use his face on the poster (the one for ‘Cosmic Sin’ reuses old artwork from the marketing collateral for ‘Die Hard 4’) and the movie gains a degree of recognition.


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