What is Coming to America rating?

Is Coming to America rated R?

The film’s 1988 prequel, Coming to America, had an R rating, and fans were expecting the same of the sequel. But the film was released on Amazon Prime with a PG-13 rating. It’s a distinct change from the first, which featured adult language and nudity.

Is Coming to America suitable for 12?

15 – Suitable only for persons aged 15 years and over. Contains strong content, and is not recommended for viewing by any person below the age of 15.

Is coming to America clean?

“Coming to America, to clean” is a biographical essay that explores the topic of illegal immigration to the US from Mexico by following the personal story of Antonia, a Mexican woman who lives and works in the US without legal papers.

What is the new Coming to America rated?


Is Coming to America 2 appropriate?

Coming 2 America is rated PG-13 for sexual content, drug use, and language. This sequel-ish may satisfy fans of the original, but I don’t know that it will entertain anybody else. Although this is a PG-13 rating, some of the jokes are really crude and center on date rape and even transphobia.

Why is porkys rated R?

” A 12-year-old boy saw ”Porky’s” with his father. ”Porky’s” is a youth-oriented film with frontal nudity, simulated intercourse and a stream of sexually explicit words, all set in a high school locker room atmosphere.


Coming 2 America – Review

Coming 2 America – Movie Review


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