What is Come Play based on?

Come Play
Screenplay byJacob Chase
Based onLarry by Jacob Chase
Produced byAndrew Rona Alex Heineman
StarringGillian Jacobs John Gallagher Jr. Azhy Robertson Winslow Fegley

Is Come Play based on a book?

Jacob Chase’s horror movie Come Play is based on a 2017 short, so how do the two productions compare? Here’s everything you need to know about Larry.

What Come Play means?

: to help produce or influence a result Two important factors come into play.

Is Come Play movie on Netflix?

Rent Come Play (2020) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Who played Oliver in Come Play?

“Come Play” is unwilling to really dig into its darkest ideas about how parents can otherize their own children through overprotection and lack of understanding. Oliver (Azhy Robertson, the son from “Marriage Story”) is an autistic, non-verbal child who communicates almost entirely through his smart devices.

What happens at the end of Come Play?

In the final moments of Come Play, Oliver’s dad is confirmed to be alive and well as he walks down the stairs and sees his son laughing in the dark. Oliver is playing with the “ghost” of his mother, so to say, instead of Larry now.

What is the creature from Come Play?

Larry is a monstrous creature than inhabits another realm and the main antagonist of the 2020 American horror thriller film Come Play.

Is Come Play supernatural?

2020 supernatural horror movie, Come Play, has a lot of hidden meaning, especially when it comes to the ending and what happened to Sarah.

How was Larry made?

The Henson Creature Shop crew created a life-sized puppet that the actors interacted with on set. The sheer size of Larry, to say nothing of his grotesque form and fanged tooth mouth, would be enough to make anyone give up their devices.

What happened to Sarah movie?

Sarah is a young girl who wants to go to a party. She asks her brother, Alex, to take her there. But after that night Alex never comes back home and Sarah’s world falls apart.

What is the movie Larry about?

A man diagnosed as retarded and confined to a mental institution for 26 years is discovered by an enlightened psychotherapist who realises he is of normal intelligence, but the road to preparing Larry for the outside world is not an easy one.

Is Oliver in Come Play autistic?

Come Play is a horror film centered around an 8-year-old, non-verbal, autistic boy named Oliver who is hunted by an evil creature named Larry who lurks behind the screens of his iPad and other devices.

Is Come Play good autistic representation?

Despite the attempt by “Come Play” to portray more diversity on the spectrum, the film still lacks authentic representation, as the lead actor, Robertson, is not known to be autistic.

Is Come Play a Creepypasta?

Through Amblin, Chase makes his feature film debut with a full feature expansion of his acclaimed short. In true Amblin style, Come Play builds its horror around a family drama, creating a strange blend of effective creepypasta horror and rote parental parable.


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