What is Apple movie Palmer about?

The Gist: Smalltown Louisiana. Eddie Palmer (Timberlake), or just Palmer unless you’re his grandmother (June Squibb), is fresh out of prison. His brow furrows; his face is a perma-half-scowl. Once, he was the high-school football star, a quarterback with a college scholarship and a bright future.

Is Palmer based on a true story?

While Palmer may seem like a true story — there’s something very specific and heartwarming about a recently-incarcerated man taking a gender non-conforming child under his wing in rural Louisiana — it is entirely fictional.

What happens at the end of the movie Palmer?

Shelly eventually chooses to give Palmer custody of Sam.

What did Palmer go to jail for?

Timberlake plays the titular Eddie Palmer, an ex-con newly returned home from his 12-year stint in jail for attempted murder.

Is the kid in Palmer a boy or girl?

Ryder Allen makes his feature film debut in Palmer as Sam, a young boy who prefers dolls and dresses over sports. Sam forms an unlikely bond with Timberlake’s character, an ex-convict named Palmer, after Sam’s mom leaves town.

Was Alice a real story?

Alice is inspired by the very real-life history of Black Americans who remained enslaved after the Emancipation Proclamation. One major example of 20th century enslaved people is the case of Mae Louise Walls Miller, an enslaved woman who wasn’t granted freedom until 1963.

Where was Palmer filmed?

According to the drama’s Film New Orleans page, Palmer was filmed in and around New Orleans from November 9, 2019 to December 13, 2019.

What is Alice based on Keke Palmer?

The Thriller Blends Fiction With Reality. Burgeoning scream queen Keke Palmer’s latest crime thriller film, Alice, takes place during a disturbing moment in history. Keke stars as Alice, an enslaved woman on a 19th-century plantation in Georgia, who realizes while attempting to escape that the year is actually 1973.

What is Justin Timberlake’s best movie?

  • ‘Palmer’ (2021)
  • ‘Trolls’ (2016)
  • ‘Trouble With the Curve’ (2012)
  • ‘Southland Tales’ (2007)
  • ‘Black Snake Moan’ (2007)
  • ‘Trolls World Tour’ (2020)
  • ‘Alpha Dog’ (2007)
  • ‘Friends With Benefits’ (2011)

What is the film Palmer about?

After 12 years in prison, former high school football star Eddie Palmer returns home to put his life back together. He forms an unlikely bond with Sam, an outcast boy from a troubled home, but Eddie’s past threatens to ruin his new life and family.

Where can I see Palmer 2021?

Streaming on Roku. Palmer, a drama movie starring Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple, and Alisha Wainwright is available to stream now. Watch it on Apple TV on your Roku device.

Is the movie Palmer sad?

He’s an absolute joy in the movie’s sadder notes. Through Stevens’ direction and Tobias A. Schliessler’s cinematography, the movie feels brightest when Sam and his pink dresses and his fairy toys fight against Palmer’s drab perspective. Everything at the beginning of the movie feels colorless and forlorn.

What did Justin Timberlake do in Palmer?

In the new film Palmer, Justin Timberlake plays Eddie, a former high school football star who comes back to his Louisiana hometown after more than a decade in prison. As he pieces together his new life, Eddie moves in with his grandmother and befriends her young neighbor, a boy named Sam.

Is Palmer worth watching?

An entirely fictional film, Palmer, released on January 29, 2021, is a heartwarming movie. This movie is an emotional movie that makes you laugh and cry. It is a highly recommended movie.

Why is the movie Palmer Rated R?

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “language, some sexual content/nudity and brief violence.” The Kids-In-Mind.com evaluation includes two sex scenes with nudity, a couple of kissing scenes, disparaging comments about a transgender person, a couple of fight scenes ending with bloody wounds, discussions of a robbery

What age rating is Cherry?

Cherry is rated R by the MPAA for graphic drug abuse, disturbing and violent images, pervasive language, and sexual content.

Where can I watch Palmer online?

Currently you are able to watch “Palmer” streaming on Apple TV Plus.

Does Netflix have pixie?

Pixie is not currently available to stream on Netflix.


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