What happens in the Netflix movie I Care a Lot?

One such story is the recent Netflix hit I Care a Lot. The film follows con artist Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a woman who makes her living using the legal system to essentially kidnap the elderly, stick them in a nursing home, and then sell off all their assets for her own profit.

What happened in the movie I Care a Lot?

As Rosamund Pike addresses, the ending gives you everything. Marla wins by getting Grayson Guardianship corporation but then she dies, so people who want to believe in karma and justice being served, sort of get that with Marla’s death. However, the damages she has caused can’t be undone now.

What happened at the end of I Care a Lot?

At the end of the film, Marla kidnaps Roman, strips him of all his personal identification, drugs him, and leaves him for dead in the middle of the road. When he arrives at the hospital, he is identified as a “John Doe,” and John Does are apparently all assigned legal guardians on the scene.

Is Marla dead in I Care a Lot?

There is bad news, however, for viewers hoping for an I Care a Lot 2 and a miraculous recovery for Marla. According to star Rosamund Pike, speaking to USA Today, the character is definitely dead at the end.

Does Jennifer get out in I Care a Lot?

Jennifer is released and reunites with Roman. They sell the diamonds and start their massive business, Grayson Guardianships, which becomes a huge corporation. Marla is on the cover of Forbes and other business magazines, and she and Fran get married.

What happens to Marla Grayson in I Care a Lot?

Not only does Marla’s death come right when she appears to have everything she wanted, but it yanks a happy ending from her love Fran (Eiza González) too. While this comeuppance might be warranted, it’s bittersweet. Rosamund Pike and J Blakeson discussed the ending with USA Today.

Where is the movie I Care a Lot based?

The Netflix dark comedy I Care a Lot was primarily filmed in and around the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The story revolves around a court-appointed legal guardian to elders who makes a living selling their assets after trapping them under her care.


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