What happens if you watch Candyman?

5 Things to Know Before You Watch Candyman

Do I need to watch Candyman?

The answer to that question is a bit complex. Candyman 2021 doesn’t retcon anything from the prior movies, and makes lots of references to Helen Lyle, the Daniel Robitaille version of Candyman that Todd played, and the sad history of the Cabrini Green housing projects.

Is Candyman a sequel or remake?

The new “Candyman” follows a struggling artist who becomes enamored with a grisly urban legend. Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the new movie pays homage to the 1992 cult classic. But it’s not exactly a remake or typical sequel, as new characters and storylines take center stage.

What happens if you say Candyman in your phone?

The activation is based on the central premise of the film, which revolves around an urban legend warning that saying the word “Candyman” into a mirror five times will summon a monstrous presence into the reflection to kill you.

How do you call Candyman?

Confused? OK – basically, according to the lore of the revived film series, Candyman is the ghost of an artist and son of a former slave who was brutally murdered over an interracial love affair in the 19th century. Say his name five times in front of a mirror, and you’ll summon him. Oh yeah, and then he’ll murder you.

How do you unlock the Candyman trailer?

To unlock the new trailer on IDareYou.CandymanMovie.com, a viewer must use their computer’s microphone and camera to summon Candyman by saying his name out loud five times. As the trailers for the film would indicate, things usually don’t turn out well for those who summon Candyman into their presence.

How do you play Candyman?

In fact, it’s part of the legend that started it all. It’s said that all you have to do is enter a dimly lit room, stand in front of a mirror, and say the name “Candyman” five times in a row. Then, the killer will show up behind you and kill you with his hook hand.

How many times do you say Candyman 2021?

Burke implies that if somebody says “Candyman” five times to a mirror, Sherman’s spirit will appear and kill the summoner. Later that night, Anthony summons Candyman over Brianna’s objections.

What was the meaning behind Candyman?

He learns that the Candyman folklore was created as a means of self-preservation for the Cabrini-Green community, a way for them to consolidate the horrors of everyday life into a mythical figure. In several scenes, Anthony looks into a mirror and his reflection is Candyman himself, hinting at a next generation.

Does Anthony turn into Candyman?

As she is being held in a cop car, she tells the police officer to look in the wing mirror. As he does, she recites Candyman’s name five times. The hook-handed killer then makes his appearance but it’s not Sherman. It’s Anthony who has now been resurrected as Candyman.

Did Candyman have a child?

Anthony confronts his mother, Anne-Marie McCoy, who reveals he was the child the Candyman had chosen as a sacrifice to renew his legend, who Helen had saved all those years ago.

What happens if I say Candyman 5 times?

In the new horror film, as in the 1992 film that the new Candyman continues, uttering that name five times while looking in the mirror will summon the murderous spirit of the title.

How many time do you have to say Candyman?

Candyman is a 1992 supernatural horror movie that narrates the story of a boogeyman who kills anyone that mentions his name five times in a mirror.

Will there be another Candyman?

Candyman 2 Release Date – Candyman 2 likely wouldn’t face a similar juggling, but the rolling dates proved that Universal wasn’t interested in releasing Candyman as a special on-demand title. Candyman 2 would be another theater-going experience, presumably releasing some time in 2023 if it’s greenlit.

Is Virginia Madsen in the new Candyman?

This scene was removed from the movie, however, and Helen’s spirit doesn’t appear, though Virginia Madsen makes a vocal cameo while Kramer plays a librarian in the same scene.


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