What Godfather movie is the best?

Which movie is better Godfather 1 or 2?

The Godfather is far easier to follow than The Godfather Part II. However, that’s not to say that the story of Part II is bad. In fact, its story is arguably even better than its predecessor’s. The plot of Part II is far more intricate and complex, offering up the dual subplots of Vito’s rise and Michael’s fall.

Why is The Godfather considered so good?

It made Italians seem like more fully realised people and not stereotypes… it helped Italianise American culture.” The Godfather also changed the star system of the 1970s. As Don Vito Corleone, Marlon Brando won the Best Actor Oscar (which he refused), and was returned to leading man status.

Why is Godfather 2 the best movie?

Editing is one area The Godfather: Part II clearly outdoes the first film. Coppola had the hard task of weaving between scenes of the old and the new, and I see it as one of the great jobs of editing ever in cinema. The choices he had were tremendous, almost putting it on par to a documentary.

Is the godfather Coda better than the original?

The Godfather Coda gets to the action much quicker than the original by beginning with Michael’s meeting with the archbishop. By beginning the film with the inciting incident, Coppola generates a much better pace. He also removes a lot of fluff from the original opening scene that many critics considered extraneous.

Is the godfather 3 good?

It may be lacking in the greatness of the other two films, but by any other reasonable metric, it’s pretty damn good. Francis Ford Coppola never wanted to make a third Godfather film. Then again, he never really wanted to make a second Godfather film either.

Where is Tom Hagen in The Godfather 3?

According to The Godfather Part III, Hagen has already died before the time frame of the film, which is 1979–1980. There is no specific indication in the film as to when or how he died, except that it was prior to his son, Andrew (John Savage), being ordained a Roman Catholic priest.

Who was the assassin in Godfather 3?

Osvaldo Altobello
First appearanceThe Godfather Part III
Last appearanceThe Godfather’s Revenge
Created byMario Puzo
Portrayed byEli Wallach

How long is the godfather coda?

2h 42m

What is the plot of Godfather 3?

As Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) ages, he finds that being the head of the Corleone crime family isn’t getting any easier. He wants his family out of the Mafia, but the mob kingpin (Eli Wallach) isn’t eager to let one of the most powerful and wealthy families go legit. Making matters even worse is Michael’s nephew, Vincent (Andy Garcia). Not only does Vincent want a piece of the Corleone family’s criminal empire, but he also wants Michael’s daughter, Mary (Sofia Coppola).


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