What disease did Odd Thomas have?

In Forever Odd, Datura kidnaps him after he tells her about Odd’s ability to see the dead on a phone sex line. He suffers from a bone disease that makes him susceptible to bone fractures.

Who is Odd Thomas girlfriend?

Addison Timlin as Bronwyn “Stormy” Llewellyn, Odd’s love interest. She knows about Odd’s powers and tries to help him out any way she can.

Who is Odd Thomas’s dad?

Bronwen “Stormy” Llewellyn – Stormy was killed in a torrent of gunfire at the end of the first novel.

How old is Odd Thomas?

Odd Thomas is a fictional character who first appeared in Dean Koontz’s 2003 novel of the same name, Odd Thomas. He is a twenty-year-old man who lives in the fictional desert town of Pico Mundo, California, and is able to see the spirits of the dead.

Where is Pico Mundo?

The young actor plays the eponymous character (yes, “Odd” is his given name), an unambitious fry cook in the fictional California town Pico Mundo (played here by Santa Fe, New Mexico).

What are Odd Thomas bodachs?

Odd could see the dead and also see shadowy figures that normally lurk around people that will cause deaths or will die. They are called bodachs and feed on the pain of others.


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