What age rating is The Hunger Games film?

In the US, The Hunger Games was rated PG-13 for “intense violent thematic material and disturbing images – all involving teens”.

Is The Hunger Games ok for 12 year olds?

The book is rated by Scholastic as grade 5.3 and for ages 11-13. Parents’ concerns about The Hunger Games center around violence. The book has a lot of it, and it is graphic at times. Much of the plot focuses on “the games” in which children kill children.

Does The Hunger Games have curse words?

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ is the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘The Hunger Games’. As in the first one, this film contains some violence with weapons such as knives, swords axes and spears as well as some swearing.

Why is Hunger Games PG-13?

“As the descriptor accompanying the film’s rating states, ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some frightening images, thematic elements, a suggestive situation and language.

Is Hunger Games movie ok for 11 year old?

Due to the brutality of the violence, we would not recommend ‘The Hunger Games’ to children under the age of 12 and would also recommend caution for older children, particularly if the child concerned is sensitive to violence and the concept of people being killed for the pleasure of others.

Why is Hunger Games m rated?

Use of violenceinfo – The film contains segments of intense violence involving Hunger Game contestants viciously slaughtering each other with a variety of weapons including hunting knives, swords, spears and arrows as well as being physically bashed to death.

Is Hunger Games movie OK for 8 year old?

The Hunger Games is a very Good choice for Kids 14 or over, but its an iffy choice for children under 13. If your older tweens have read the book, just save the film for later.

Can a 7 year old watch Hunger Games?

Con: The story involves children killing children, and it’s extremely violent. I will make recommendations for parents of young children (don’t) and for parents of older children (very carefully). Hunger Games has a PG-13 rating, despite the clearly violent nature of the story.


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