Was Mookuthi Amman a hit?

If this film would have released in normal scenario that it would have definitely earned over 35 to 40 crores nett and could have been considered as super-hit. Altogether, Mookuthi Amman story and message is good and everyone should watch this film.

Is Mookuthi Amman a remake?

He initially wanted to remake PK in Tamil, but later decided against doing so since the remake rights equalled his entire budget. Keeping the theme of PK in mind, which was about “the god that created us versus the god we have created”, he wrote an original story which became Mookuthi Amman.

Is Mookuthi Amman dubbed in Hindi?

Mookuthi Amman / मुकुथी अम्मन (2020) [Hindi Dubbed] » Saicord – Hindi Dubbing Studio | Free watch online & download video.

Which goddess is Mookuthi Amman?

The movie shows Mookuthi Amman, a village Goddess, coming to a family in distress. She is their Kula-devata, whom they have ignored. She comes and looks at all the hypocrisy happening in the name of religion.

What is the story of Mookuthi Amman?

Engels’s life turns upside down after he is visited by his ancestral goddess.

Is Mookuthi Amman on Netflix?

Watch Now. Mookuthi Amman is not available for streaming.

Where was Mookuthi Amman movie shot?

‘Mookuthi Amman’, the latest hit movie of actress Nayanthara, shows a fort with a large ground where a god man conducts yoga sessions and meetings. The place is the Vattakkotta (Circular Fort) located at Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and its unique feature is proximity to the Bay of Bengal.


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