Was Brightburn a success?

Box office. Brightburn grossed $17.3 million in the United States and Canada, and $15.5 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $32.8 million.

Did Brightburn make money?

CountryUnited States
Budget$6–12 million
Box office$32.9 million

Who is Brightburn based on?

It’s no secret that Brightburn—the superhero-themed horror movie from producer James Gunn—owes its existence to DC comics’ poster boy, Superman. After all, it’s a dark retelling of the same story that ends with Krypton’s last son becoming an unstoppable villain.

Is Brightburn an evil Superman?

Brightburn has received criticism for not fully exploring its premise of an evil Superman, but that misses the point of what the film is about. Brightburn received criticism for not having a complex backdrop to its evil Superman, but that’s exactly the point.

How much did Brightburn make?

32.9 million USD

What made Brightburn evil?

Brightburn posits that it’s Brandon’s exposure to his spaceship and its message to “take the world” that’s responsible for his plummet into villainy. It certainly looks as if this spaceship reprograms Brandon and that its purpose is to trigger this killer instinct within him.

What are the voices saying in Brightburn?

Afterwards, he ran outside and began to speak the alien language whereupon he discovered that the voices were telling him to, “Take the world“. Brandon then screamed as he unleashed his heat vision.

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