Was Alien a good movie?

Alien (1979) – Simply put, Alien is not only the best Alien film, it’s one of the best films of all time.

Why is Alien such a good film?

Alien is a film that doesn’t rely on too much exposition, and it doesn’t suffer the issue of explaining too much in a horror film, thereby taking away the horror. What we don’t understand is often what we can fear. Alien has an eerie aura to it that allows for the horror atmosphere to seep into the audience.

Is the first Alien movie good?

1. Alien (1979) Simply put, Alien is not only the best Alien film, it’s one of the best films of all time.

Where was Aliens filmed?

Aliens was filmed almost entirely at Pinewood Studios in England.

What are the Aliens in Alien called?

The Alien (also known as a Xenomorph XX121 or Internecivus raptus) is a fictional endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species that is the titular antagonist of the Alien film series.

Did Ridley Scott create Aliens?

Directed byRidley Scott
Screenplay byDan O’Bannon
Story byDan O’Bannon Ronald Shusett
Produced byGordon Carroll David Giler Walter Hill

Why is Alien so iconic?

Advances in make-up and special effects meant the Xenomorph, along with the eponymous monsters of Predator and Gremlins, could express themselves and come to life with terrifying attack mechanisms, such as the Xenomorph’s secondary jaws. Alien demonstrated the power of movies to truly bring the impossible to life.

Who designed the Xenomorph?

Chances are, H.R. Giger has given you a nightmare. The Swiss-born painter was responsible for creating one of the most iconic monsters in the history of the human imagination: the xenomorph, the unrelenting alien species that oozes at the center of the “Alien” film franchise.

Does Ellen Ripley have a daughter?

Amanda “Amy” Ripley McClaren is a fictional character in the Alien franchise. The daughter of Ellen Ripley (main protagonist of the original film series, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver), the character is first mentioned and seen as an elderly woman in a photograph in the extended “special edition” of Aliens.

Was Alien 3 a flop?

Sometimes we misremember how a work was received in the first place. For much of the last 30 years, Alien 3 has been regarded as a flop, a major letdown after the genre-exploding successes of 1979’s Alien and 1986’s Aliens, and the worst film in the franchise.

What film has made the most money?

RankTitleLifetime Gross
2Avengers: Endgame$2,797,501,328
4Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens$2,069,521,700

Why was Alien 3 a mess?

But what really made Alien 3 so woeful? Well, simply put, it was poor planning. The film never should have gone into production because its script hadn’t even been completed.

Is Prometheus an Alien?

In June 2011, Scott and Lindelof confirmed that Prometheus takes place in the same universe as the events of the Alien series. In July 2011, Scott stated that “by the end of the third act you start to realize there’s a DNA of the very first Alien, but none of the subsequent [films].”

Why is Alien 3 different?

The movie got greenlit based on a whole different version of the script. And David had to deal with that in a very short period of time. He had to design the alien, design the sets, and he had to write the script, all the way into the depths of production.” Once shooting stopped, the fights only continued.

Is Alien 3 Scary?

Parents need to know that Alien3 is not for kids. There is a heavy atmosphere of doom and hostility, even without the ravenous, clawed monster on the prowl.

What did Mr Clemens do Alien 3?

Dr. Jonathan Clemens was the chief medical officer appointed to the Fiorina 161 Correctional Unit where he had served a seven year sentence for negligent manslaughter.

Where does Prometheus fit in the Alien timeline?

Prometheus is the first film in the Alien franchise (not counting the aforementioned Alien vs. Predator movies) to not feature Sigourney Weaver or Ripleyand that’s because it’s set way back in the timeline. Prometheus is set in the 2089-2093 range, going as far back as this world has gone to date.

How did Newt survive in Aliens?

During the chaos, Newt’s mother and brother were killed but she managed to escape through a vent. Newt managed to survive by hiding in the air ducts to avoid the monsters which came mostly at night to take people away.

How long was Ripley asleep between Aliens and Alien 3?

Ripley was indeed in hypersleep for 57 years. When she first meets Company representative Carter Burke (Paul Reiser), she is in the hospital and he informs her that she’s been out there for 57 years, at which point she starts to react to an alien birthing from her. Then she awakens and we find out this was a nightmare.

Does Alien 3 use CGI?

Many fans have criticized the Alien 3 villain for being brought to the screen with some seriously bad CGI, but the fast-moving Xenomorph was actually a combination of a practical man-in-suit and a rod puppet that was filmed against bluescreen and optically composited into the live-action footage – mind you, the effects

Is there going to be a new Aliens film?

A new “Alien” film is in the works at 20th Century Studios, with “Don’t Breathe” director Fede Alvarez set to helm the project, Variety has confirmed. Ridley Scott, the director of the original 1979 movie, is producing. In addition to directorial duties, Alvarez is penning the script for the standalone film.

Why does the Alien explode in Alien 3?

The alien was heated and then quenched which would make its exoskeleton brittle. Eventually the increased internal pressure due to immersion in the hot lead caused the alien’s brittle covering to burst apart.

Is Alien 3 Special Edition better?

Owing to the significant differences between the two versions of the movie, the Special Edition has undergone something of a re-evaluation amongst critics, and while still generally regarded as inferior to the two Alien movies that precede it, it is generally viewed more positively than the theatrical release.

How does Ripley get infected in Alien 3?

Ripley was impregnated in deep space before the escape vehicle was jettisoned to Fiorina 161. You can see the facehugger attached to her in the computer scan of her pod below. Her pod was not intact. Before the escape vehicle was jettisoned, the glass casing of her pod could be seen to be broken.

Did Bishop survive Aliens?

He survived the incident along with Ellen Ripley, Corporal Hicks and Rebecca Jorden, although he was seriously damaged and later deactivated at his own request.

Where does the Alien come from in Alien 3?

Unknown to Ripley, an Alien egg was aboard the ship. It is born in the prison and begins a killing spree. Alien 3 had a difficult production, with various screenwriters and directors getting involved in the project, and shooting even started without a finished script.


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