Is world famous lover hit or flop?

He was last seen in director Kranthi Madhav’s World Famous Lover, which ended up as a disaster at the box office. The film, which has four heroines, failed to interest the audience because of its lacklustre story.

Is world famous lover a flop?

Vijay Devarakonda and Kranthi Madhav came together for an exciting film last year, titled ‘World Famous Lover’. The film released amidst huge buzz but it ended as a big flop at the box-office. The audiences in Telugu declared it a flop on the release day itself.

Is F2 hit or flop?

F2 Hit Or Flop – F2 is one of the biggest hit for Venkatesh and Varun Tej. This movie was made with a budget of 30 Cr. By the 1st Week, the movie collected more than 48 Cr. F2 film Collection till now is above 110 Cr.

Is Taxiwala hit or flop?

Business27.83 Cr

What is the budget of dear comrade?

It was started as a Telugu film on a budget of Rs. 3 to 5 crore but we ended up spending around Rs. 35 crores and making it in four more languages.

What is the collection of dear comrade?

Dear Comrade collected around ₹18 crore on its opening day. It collected ₹30-33 crore in the first weekend. According to International Business Times, Dear Comrade grossed a total of ₹37.33 crores till the end of the year 2019.

Who is the world’s greatest lover?

The World’s Greatest Lover
Directed byGene Wilder
Written byGene Wilder
Produced byGene Wilder Frank Baur (associate prod.)
StarringGene Wilder Carol Kane Dom DeLuise

Is world famous lover a real story?

World Famous Lover
Directed byKranthi Madhav
Written byKranthi Madhav
Produced byK. A. Vallabha K. S. Rama Rao
StarringVijay Deverakonda Raashi Khanna Aishwarya Rajesh Catherine Tresa Izabelle Leite

What is world famous lover story?

When his frustrated girlfriend leaves him, a struggling writer works on stories of romance that he hopes can win her back.

Why is world famous lover hit or flop?

Budget₹ 19.00 Crore
Domestic Gross₹ 31.28 Cr
Overseas Collection₹ 3.08 Cr
Worldwide Gross₹ 34.46 Cr
Final VerdictAverage

Is world famous lover worth watching?

This movie is so bad that you don’t even feel invested for one minute. The story attempts to address a failing relationship of 2 people who are so miserable that you simply don’t care.. Seems like the story is made of writer’s stories which are not connected and has no logic what so ever.

What is the story of world famous?

When his frustrated girlfriend leaves him, a struggling writer works on stories of romance that he hopes can win her back.

What is the budget of world famous lover?

350 million INR

Which world famous film series is celebrated every year on 4th May?

Star Wars Day is an informal commemorative day observed annually on May 4 to celebrate the Star Wars media franchise created by founder and former chairman and CEO of Lucasfilm, George Lucas. Observance of the day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations since the franchise began in 1977.


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