Is Waterworld a good film?

Waterworld Is Known As a Massive Hollywood Failure. Really, It Was Ahead of Its Time. Tanked by drama and bad press in the ’90s, the post-apocalyptic Kevin Costner movie is a fever dream about global warming.

What is wrong with Waterworld?

Its extremely troubled production was widely reported, with several journalists criticizing the film as the worst kind of Hollywood hubris. Those critics were 100% correct. And while that hubris can occasionally result in a great film (see: the entirety of James Cameron’s career), Waterworld was not one of those times.

What is the plot of Waterworld?

After the melting of the polar ice caps, most of the globe is underwater. Some humans have survived, and even fewer still, notably the Mariner (Kevin Costner), have adapted to the ocean by developing gills. A loner by nature, the Mariner reluctantly befriends Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and her young companion, Enola (Tina Majorino), as they escape from a hostile artificial island. Soon the sinister Smokers are pursuing them in the belief that Enola holds the key to finding the mythical Dryland.

Who are the smokers in Waterworld?

The Church of Eternal Growth (as they refer to themselves) also known as The Smokers (as they are more widely regarded) are one of the largest and most malevolent factions of Waterworld.

How much money did Waterworld loose?

With a budget of $172 million (and a total outlay of $235 million once marketing and distribution costs are factored in), the film grossed $88 million at the North American box office. The film did better overseas, with $176 million at the foreign box office, for a worldwide total of $264 million.


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