Is there inappropriate scenes in Midsommar?

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “disturbing ritualistic violence and grisly images, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and language.” The evaluation includes an extended sex scene including full nudity, several scenes of death by suicide and murder leaving bloody and broken bodies,

What age is appropriate for Midsommar?


What is the weird scene in Midsommar?

The scene of the woman’s skull hitting the rock was shockingly explicit, burning itself in fans’ memories. The movie isn’t just one of the most visually stunning horror movies of the 21st century so far, it’s also excruciatingly gory. Worse yet is the man’s fall to his death.

What was in Josh’s mouth in Midsommar?

We see Connie’s bloated body (she was likely drowned after she disappeared); Mark, just skin stuffed with straw; Josh, with his notebook shoved into his mouth; and Simon, now fully dead.

Why Midsommar is the scariest movie?

  • 10) It has just enough blood and guts.
  • 9) It’s trippy.
  • 8) It’s about a cult.
  • 7) It makes you question your friends.
  • 6) It’s based off of folklore.
  • 5) It’s a love story.
  • 4) The end will throw you for a loop.
  • 3) It will make you severely uncomfortable.

Is Midsommar a pg13?

Yes, Midsommar Is Rated R And Even The Rating Descriptions Are Graphic.

Does Netflix have Midsommar 2022?

Unfortunately, at the moment, Midsommar is not currently streaming on Netflix.

What triggers are in Midsommar?

  • Domestic/Child Abuse (2) Christian emotionally abuses and neglects his girlfriend, Dani, throughout the film.
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse (3) Dani is pressured into taking edible shrooms at 0:27:17, resulting in a bad trip from 0:30:44-0:32:32.
  • Self-Harm/Suicide (7)
  • Intense War Scenes/Torture (1)


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