Is there any nudity in Law Abiding Citizen?

Sex & Nudity (4) – We do not see a rape scene, but it is implied. A woman with bare buttocks is seen lying on a mattress asleep. In a sequence, the main character removes all of his clothing, but the scene is dark, and only his bare chest and backside are shown. He is seen shirtless shortly after too, in bright light.

Is Law Abiding Citizen OK for kids?

Parents need to know that Law Abiding Citizen contains several scenes of extremely bloody violence — in addition to the home invasion/robbery/attempted rape/murder sequence that it begins with, there’s a brutal stabbing and a horrifying torture scene in which a chemically paralyzed man is strapped to a gurney and has

What is the moral lesson of the story Law Abiding Citizen?

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN is a provocative examination of crime and punishment, justice, and righting wrongs. The lesson imparted by the movie is, Don’t make deals with murderers. Nick is only able to stop Clyde’s murderous revenge when he absorbs that lesson.

What is Law Abiding Citizen rated?


What city is Law Abiding Citizen set in?

Hollywood can help. Plenty of movies have been filmed in the city’s old Holmesburg prison and Eastern State Penitentiary in recent years: Law Abiding Citizen: Holmesburg Prison was the setting for several scenes in this 2009 movie about vigilantism, starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.

What helps to become a Law Abiding Citizen?

Raising awareness of any kind of established norms/rules and regulations which are required to be known to each and every citizen. Sensitizing citizens and making them realize that how crucial it is to follow these rules for overall development and why obeying of these rules is required from each one of us.

When was Law Abiding Citizen made?

October 16, 2009 (USA)


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