Is there a second movie to In the Tall Grass?

He’s not looking to do a Grass sequel, telling Decider, “I like endings that open themselves up to another story, but I’m not generally interested in telling that story. I just like movies that leave you with something to chew on.”

Is there a happy ending In the Tall Grass?

In the Tall Grass’ ending may be bittersweet, but it’s a lot happier than the ending of King and Hill’s original novella. In the In the Tall Grass novella, Cal and Becky’s tale comes to an end after Cal, having touched the rock, tricks Becky into eating her own miscarried baby.

Is 1922 related to In the Tall Grass?

Loosely based on King and son Joe Hill’s novella of the same name, Natali’s adaptation isn’t a complete departure from standard King fare — but it’s not what Netflix subscribers who loved 1922 and Gerald’s Game were probably expecting.

What is the meaning of the rock In the Tall Grass?

Ross Humboldt explains the rock predates man and has been around since the beginning of Earth itself. Ross believes the rock lays in the center of the Earth and offers redemption. In reality, the rock has supernatural powers that amplify the strongest traits of those who touch it.

Where is In the Tall Grass filmed?

Shot in a farmer’s field near Stratford, Ont., the film stars Laysla De Oliveira and Avery Whitted as siblings who make a pit stop at a Kansas field of tall grass while on a road trip to San Diego.

Does In the Tall Grass have demons?

Basically when people touch the rock they become blood hungry demons-like creatures who are captivated by the grass. Their souls are trapped in the field forever and they trick other people in. They are then forced to relive the same tragic fate over and over again at the hands of Ross and the other grass-faced people.

What does the ending of In the Tall Grass mean?

The non-linear nature of time in the grass makes it so everything is happening at once, and since those trapped in it are reborn again and again, it gives Becky a chance to take a different path entirely. This time she chooses to turn around and go home to raise her baby with her family.

Who is Stephen King’s son?


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