Is there a second 300 movie?

Why was there never another 300 movie?

It turned out to be a love story. So it really didn’t fit in as the third movie.” The film was supposed to be entitled “Blood and Ashes,” and while Snyder said that he would love to make the movie, Warner Bros. felt that it was too different from the rest of the series to warrant completion.

Will there be another 300 movie after rise of an empire?

Zack Snyder, director of the first 300 and co-writer of the sequel 300: Rise of an Empire, recently revealed he wrote another 300 sequel that then turned into a love story about Alexander the Great and his general Hephaestion. However, Warner Bros.

Will there be a third sequel to 300?

Zack Snyder reveals he wrote the third and “final chapter” of 300, but studio Warner Bros. passed because Blood and Ashes “really didn’t fit in as the third movie” of the franchise.

Was Leonidas king of Sparta?

Leonidas I (/liˈɒnɪdəs, -dæs/; Greek: Λεωνίδας; died 19 September 480 BC) was a king of the Greek city-state of Sparta, and the 17th of the Agiad line, a dynasty which claimed descent from the mythological demigod Heracles and Cadmus.

Will there be a 3rd 365 days?

365 Days 3 Release Date – On May 13, 2021, Netflix had said in its official statement, “Production of 365 Days Part 2 & Part 3 will start this month shooting in Poland and Italy and is slated for release on Netflix globally in 2022”.

Is 300 based on a true story?

Like the comic book, the “300” takes inspirations from the real Battle of Thermopylae and the events that took place in the year of 480 BC in ancient Greece. An epic movie for an epic historical event.

What happened to Xerxes in 300 rise of an empire?

Xerxes was the son of King Darius, who during an attempt to invade and conquer Greece, was killed by Themistocles of Athens by a well-placed arrow.

What is Zack Snyder’s next movie?

Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Release dateMarch 18, 2021
Running time242 minutes
CountryUnited States

How many parts does 300 rise of an empire have?

300 & 300: Rise of an Empire – The Complete 2 Movies Collection (2-Disc Box Set) (Slipcase Packaging + Fully Packaged Import) | 300: Part 1 & 2 (Region 2)

What is the name of 300 Part 3?

300: Rise of an Empire
Directed byNoam Murro
Screenplay byZack Snyder Kurt Johnstad
Based onXerxes by Frank Miller
Produced byGianni Nunnari Mark Canton Zack Snyder Deborah Snyder Bernie Goldmann

Will there be another Alexander the Great movie?

A new promising Hollywood production, an Alexander the Great series tracing the life of the greatest Greek warrior, has been announced by the creators of “Vikings” to be filmed in Greece.

How many 300 movies are there?


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