Is there a part 2 of Love and Basketball?

Both actors’ performances in Love & Basketball have been lauded as their best. Fans have been dying for a sequel, but Lathan says it’s not likely. “Gina Prince-Bythewood would never want to do that.

Was Love and Basketball a true story?

Prince-Bythewood, a former UCLA track runner who played basketball in high school, was working as a TV writer in the mid-1990s. But she longed to tell a semi-autobiographical story about a female baller. She quit her job, wrote the script and began shopping it around.

Who is Monica Wright engaged to?

Kent Youngblood of the Star Tribune reports that Durant’s bride-to-be, Monica Wright, confirmed the rumors of her engagement to the Oklahoma City Thunder star on July 7. Then again, how could she say no? This is Kevin Durant we’re talking about, one of the kindest, most benevolent players in the NBA.

Is there a Love and Basketball book?

Nicole Jackson – Nicole wrote and published her first novel, Love and Basketball, on Wattpad where she gained over 200,000 reads.

Is Love and Basketball based on Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant And Monica Wright Make A Real Life Love & Basketball Story. It’s a true Love & Basketball story. Kevin Durant is engaged to WNBA guard Monica Wright (who, ironically, shares the same name as Sanaa Lathan’s character in the movie).

Why is love and basketball the best movie?

“Love & Basketball” would be a good movie if it was only about Monica and Quincy’s relationship. It’s a great one because their love affair is part of a larger story about their struggles to figure out what kind of woman and man they want to be.

Who played the kids in love and basketball?

What’s the Story? Divided into quarters like a real basketball game, LOVE & BASKETBALL shows two basketball-obsessed kids, Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps), as they make friends on the court at age 11, play basketball in the same high school, then at the same college, and then go pro.

Why did they break up in Love and Basketball?

When Quincy discovers his father’s infidelity he asks Monica to break her curfew to stay with him and she refuses. The next day Quincy blatantly cheats on Monica and makes sure she sees him, and the couple breaks up. The fourth quarter follows the plot to 1993, a few years before the establishment of the WNBA.

Are Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps still married?

Lathan and Epps eventually split. He went on to marry his previous girlfriend and the mother of his child, singer Keisha Epps. The two have been married for over a decade. Lathan has been linked to a few high profile men since their split, including rapper French Montana.

Did they end up together in Love and Basketball?

Monica and Quincy do end up together, and basketball is still part of their lives; Monica, by the film’s conclusion, is part of the newly formed WNBA, even playing for the Los Angeles Sparks, their hometown team.

How old is Monica at the beginning of love and basketball?

In 1981 in L.A., Monica moves in next door to Quincy. They’re 11, and both want to play in the NBA, just like Quincy’s dad.

Who is Quincy in love and basketball?

While the sports clichés are kept to a minimum in favor of a Hoop Dreams-type view of basketball, the love story follows a familiar trajectory. The two protagonists are Monica Wright (Sanaa Latham) and Quincy McCall (Omar Epps).



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