Is there a Goodreads for movies?

Letterboxd is probably the closest to Goodreads, only for movies: Instead of book lists (or reading lists), you get movie lists. Instead of book recommendations, you can ask the community for movie recommendations.

Is there an app to keep track of movies you’ve seen?

JustWatch – If you want to find out what’s upcoming on streaming services, or which one hosts a movie you want to see, then JustWatch is the app for you. But importantly, it also lets you track what you’ve seen. Simply navigate to the movie’s page and tap Seen.

What is a movie tracker?

The Movie Tracker is a mobile app that allows users to track and watch movie recommendations.

How do I keep tracks of movies I watched on Netflix?

Visit, ensure you’re logged in and then hover over your profile name. Select Your Account from the menu. Now, scroll down to the bottom and select Viewing Activity. You should now be presented with a list of everything you’ve streamed on your account.

Is Goodreads like Letterboxd?

Books in GoodReads – This one is a little harder to explain, but the concept is the same as Letterboxd. You can log what books you’re reading, and leave reviews for them when you complete them.

Where can I track my TV shows?

  • TV Time. TV Time is probably the most popular to app track TV shows and movies.
  • Hobi. Hobi is an app dedicated to TV shows tracking and has a collection of over 50,000 titles.
  • Showly.
  • SeriesGuide.
  • Cinexplore.

Is there an alternative to Goodreads?

  • StoryGraph.
  • BookTrib.
  • Book Browse.
  • LibraryThing.
  • Libib.
  • aNobii.
  • Revish.
  • Riffle.

Why you shouldn’t use Goodreads?

One of the biggest problems facing Goodreads is that, because of its many sections and clunky web design, it’s confusing, at times to the point of being almost unusable. Goodreads is, and has always been, best for keeping track of book lists.

Is Goodreads being shut down?

Goodreads will soon be no more! Following in the footsteps of Google Plus, it has been announced today that Amazon is planning to shut down its Goodreads site; due to the fact that not enough people read books nowadays.

Whats wrong with Goodreads?

The social networking site now has millions of users who rate and review books, find recommendations for new ones and track their reading. But over time, Goodreads has also become a hunting ground for scammers and trolls looking to con smaller authors, take down books with spammed ratings, cyberstalk users or worse.

Which is better Goodreads or StoryGraph?

Goodreads is dependable, but let’s be honest: The interface looks a bit dated. Meanwhile, The StoryGraph’s homepage is sleek and easy to navigate, with recommendations right at the top: And The StoryGraph’s recommendations are really good, which is the highlight of this reading tracker and one of its biggest draws.

Is Goodreads free?

Sep 25, 2019•Knowledge – No – Goodreads is a completely free book review and recommendation site, so you won’t need to pay to access the site or app, unless you’re an author who is creating a giveaway.

Is LibraryThing better than Goodreads?

While sites like Goodreads are convenient for keeping track of what you read, LibraryThing is an excellent place to keep track of what you own. You can organize books into different collections and add tags to note whether you own a certain title or borrowed it.

Who uses Goodreads?

Women are 40% more likely than average to be active on Goodreads, while men are actually 40% LESS likely to show up. But perhaps women are just more social about their reading 😉 Compared to the ‘US average’ Goodreaders are also more likely to be aged under 35, have a grad school education and be ethnically Asian.

Is Goodreads still popular?

Not Many New Features. Goodreads has been around since 2007. That’s quite a long time to survive. At the start of 2021, Goodreads had more than 90 million members, which is an impressive feat and a testament to its ability to withstand the tests of time.

Is Goodreads American?

Goodreads is an American social cataloging website and a subsidiary of Amazon that allows individuals to search its database of books, annotations, quotes, and reviews.

Is the Goodreads app good?

Is It Any Good? Goodreads is the largest and most popular site of this type online, and it shows. It’s a well-designed outlet for book lovers to share their likes and dislikes, and the recommendation system is spot-on, spurring kids to read even more books.

How do authors use Goodreads?

  1. Sign in or create an account, and then search for your most popular book via ISBN, ASIN, or title.
  2. On the book, click on your author name. Scroll to the bottom of your author profile page.
  3. Click “Is this you? Let us know!” to complete and submit the application.

Is there an app like Goodreads for movies and TV shows?

  • Use social media sites for movie lovers including Letterboxd,, Criticker, and
  • IMBD has lots of film discovery options including “More Like This” and connections.


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