Is there a fourth God’s Not Dead movie?

God’s Not Dead: We the People is a 2021 American Christian drama film directed by Vance Null. The fourth installment in the God’s Not Dead series, it was released on October 4, 2021, in a three-night theatrical engagement, and grossed over $1.1 million in the domestic box office.

How many gods not dead movies are there?

God’s Not Dead 4-Movie Collection features four inspiring films anchored by David A.R. White with performances from Kevin Sorbo, Melissa Joan Hart, John Corbett and Isaiah Washington.

Who is the owner of Pureflix?

The company was founded by David A. R. White, replacing the streaming platform “I Am Flix”. It specializes in Christian streaming media and video-on-demand online. Pure Flix was acquired by Sony Pictures in 2020.

What is the next God’s Not Dead movie?

Premiering in theaters nationwide Fall 2021, God’s Not Dead: We the People is the next chapter in the popular franchise that started with the first God’s Not Dead in 2014. That film became one of the most profitable faith films with a $1.5MM budget and grossed over $65MM at the box office.

Where can I watch the new gods not dead movie?

Watch God’s Not Dead Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What is the movie God’s Not Dead 4 about?

The Rev. Dave Hill defends a group of Christian home-schooling families after they receive an impromptu inspection from a progressive, local government official who doesn’t like what she finds. Taken aback by her interference, Dave travels to Washington, D.C., to testify in a landmark congressional hearing that will determine the future of religious freedom in our country for years to come.

What is the main point of the movie God’s Not Dead We the people?

Parents need to know that God’s Not Dead: We the People is a 2021 drama in which a pastor and a group of homeschoolers go to Washington to protect their right to homeschool their kids. One of the characters gets into a violent car crash after they cross a four-way intersection and are struck by a truck.

Does Netflix have God’s Not Dead?

The popular Christian drama “God Is Not Dead” will soon be removed from the Netflix lineup. Production will exit the streaming platform on January 15, 2022. In the plot, Josh Wheaton is a student whose faith is challenged by his philosophy teacher, Mr. Radisson, who believes that God does not exist.

Is God’s Not Dead 4 a true story?

While the film is fiction, executive producer Michael Scott says it touches on several themes that are controversial topics in the news today, and it has a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington vibe given the major characters take their fight to the nation’s capital.

Is it gods or God’s?

Since God here is essentially a name, the first letter should be capitalized. The sake belongs to God, so God should be in the possessive form: God’s. And because we’re talking about just one god, there is only one sake.

Is the the movie God’s not dead based on a book?

Written by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, and based on Rice Broocks’ book God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty, the film follows a Christian college student (Harper) whose faith is challenged by an atheist philosophy professor (Sorbo), who declares God a pre-scientific fiction.


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