Is The Truffle Hunters available on Amazon Prime?

Is truffle hunters on Amazon Prime?

The Truffle Hunters is available to buy on Amazon Prime Video. You can buy it for $12.99 in SD/HD.

Is The Truffle Hunters movie a documentary?

“Teaching the audience to see again.” That’s how co-director Michael Dweck has described his award-winning documentary The Truffle Hunters – and it’s a description that fits.

Where was truffle hunters filmed?

‘The Truffle Hunters’ Directors On Filming In Italy’s Piedmont Region: It’s. Kershaw and Dweck spent several years in the Piedmont area, absorbing the culture that surrounds the tartufo.

What is a truffle hunter?

THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS | Official Trailer (2020) – YouTube

Does The Truffle Hunters have subtitles?

Contains some strong language. In Italian with subtitles. 84 minutes.

Where can The Truffle Hunters be streamed at?

Watch The Truffle Hunters Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How long is The Truffle Hunters?

1h 24m

Which channel is The Truffle Hunters on?

BBC Four – Storyville, The Truffle Hunters.


THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS | Official Trailer (2020) – YouTube

Truffle Hunting in Emilia Romagna Italy – YouTube

THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS | Scene at The Academy – YouTube

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