Is The Ring kid appropriate?

Not to gory or violent but very scary – Really good scary film but a kid over 10 can watch this film. Lot of Jumpscares and really should be PG-13 but way to scary for little kids. Language is said a lot. Not much sex and nudity or violence and gore pretty much just scary.

Does The Ring have inappropriate content?

All sorts of creepy, spooky and frightening material is present throughout the film (along with ominous and scary music and various “jump scenes”) that may be disturbing, suspenseful and/or quite scary to some viewers.

Does The Ring have Jumpscares?

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 9 jump scares in The Ring, which has a jump scare rating of 2.5. Jump Scare Rating: Several creepy scenes however there is only one jump scare of note which occurs 15 minutes into the movie.

What happens if you watch The Ring?

The plot device of the American Ring films is a cursed videotape created by Samara Morgan. Anyone who watches the tape is cursed and has a week to copy the tape and show it to someone else, otherwise they will be killed by Samara’s ghost. The tape’s images are a playback on Samara’s life.

Is The Ring 2 for kids?

Parents need to know that The Ring Two is extremely scary, and there’s near-constant peril for all the major characters. Younger and horror-adverse audiences will be frightened by many scenes and images, including the attempted murder of young children and the suicides of parents.

Is The Ring scary Reddit?

This may be an unpopular opinion because I feel like The Ring goes under the radar a bit. I’ve watched a decent amount of scary movies and nothing came close to beating The Ring. Something about that movie just sticks with you and freaks you out.

Why is The Ring Two rated R?

The original version of Ring Two was PG-13, so rather than marking Rated R on the box, they went for the more risqué and mysterious “unrated” version. Spooky stuff in there, I hear this is the version “they” don’t want you to see. The version “they” couldn’t show in theaters.

Does PG-13 have a Ring?

Why is Rings rated PG-13? Rings is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for violence/terror, thematic elements, some sexuality and brief drug material. Violence: Characters are in peril throughout this movie from metaphysical and human foes.

Is the movie The Ring rated R?

The Ring [2002] [PG-13] – 3.7.

Is The Ring on Netflix?

The Ring is now on Netflix.

What is the movie The Ring about?

It sounds like just another urban legend — a videotape filled with nightmarish images leads to a phone call foretelling the viewer’s death in exactly seven days. Newspaper reporter Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) is skeptical of the story until four teenagers all die mysteriously exactly one week after watching just such a tape. Allowing her investigative curiosity to get the better of her, Rachel tracks down the video and watches it. Now she has just seven days to unravel the mystery.

How old is Sadako?

Sadako began folding more cranes for her father’s debt to be forgiven, her new wish. Sadako continued to fold cranes, some as small as a grain of rice, until her last moments. Surrounded by family, with 1,300 origami cranes in her room and hanging overhead, Sadako passed away at the age of twelve.

Why is The Ring movie so scary?

The film is light on jump scares, and heavy on dread. It sits on your shoulders for days. Then there’s Samara. Samara, the film’s antagonist, is a mess of Freudian trigger points: the fear of children; the fear of hair; the fear of death itself.

Why is it called The Ring?

The ring shape motif is unique to the American remake. Kôji Suzuki, the author of the novel upon which the movies are based, says that the title referred to the cyclical nature of the curse, since, for the viewer to survive after watching it, the video tape must be copied and passed around over and over.


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