Is The Old Ways a good movie?

“The Old Ways,” is a super creepy Indigenous-themed film that made my skin crawl in the best way. November 4, 2021 | Rating: 9.0/10 | Full Review… The Old Ways boasts a tight cast that impressively manages to convey most of the film’s tension and pace through glances.

How scary is The Old Ways movie?

Parents need to know that The Old Ways is a horror film in the exorcism genre. With a Latin American cast full of strong women characters, this thriller is heavily women-centered. In terms of violence, this is a very bloody film with a fair amount of body horror, but doesn’t have much conventional violence.

What is The Old Ways rated?


Is The Old Ways movie based on a true story?

The Old Ways
LanguagesEnglish Spanish Nahuatl

Where did Javi go in The Old Ways?

Where Did Javi Go? Javi’s the son of Luz, who admits to Cristina once his mom dies, that he plans to leave the supernatural life behind. He’s conflicted in his faith, but the problem is, he knows spirits exist from his work with Luz during her bruja/witch career, so he shouldn’t be questioning this.

Why do they drink milk in The Old Ways movie?

The way Luz, a bruja/witch, feeds her goat milk is meant to purify her soul, adding light to the darkness within. It comes after a scramble where Cristina manages to hide her drug kit in the shack, proceeding to shoot up at night to feed her drug addiction.

Is the old way on Netflix?

Premiering last October at the Sitges Film Festival, The Old Ways will be making its SVOD debut on Netflix on August 5th, 2021 in the United States.


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