Is the movie Water for Elephants sad?

“Water for Elephants,” a film based on a novel by Sara Gruen and starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, is a sad reminder that some experiences are better on the page. The only parts of this film that feel real are the scenes with Tai the elephant.

Is Water for Elephants a sad book?

Sara Gruen’s arresting new novel, “Water for Elephants,” explores similar subject matter — the pathetic grandeur of the Depression-era circus. And like Browning, Gruen infuses her audacious material with a surprisingly uplifting strain of sentimentality.

Is Water for Elephants based off a true story?

Though the characters never feel fully fleshed out, the novel works as an unlikely fairy tale, filled with vivid details (many, Gruen has said, drawn from real life) about the day-to-day operations of a gimcrack Depression-era Most Spectacular Show on Earth.

Who dies in Water for Elephants?

One night, Jacob attempts to kill August but chickens out. While he’s off doing that, several people are thrown out of the circus – they are literally thrown off the train. Both Walter and Camel are killed, and Jacob knows he was a target, too.

Is Water for Elephants movie like the book?

The movie Water For Elephants stays close to Sara Gruen’s beloved book — particularly with the 1930’s circus memories section. The only place the movie veers from the original is in its details of the older, current Jacob. In the book, Jacob’s narration takes place in his own mind.

What is novel Water for Elephants about?

When Jacob Jankowski, recently orphaned and suddenly adrift, jumps onto a passing train, he enters a world of freaks, drifters, and misfits, a second-rate circus struggling to survive during the Great Depression, making one-night stands in town after endless town.

Is Water for Elephants worth watching?

Water for Elephants is a well-done and engaging film. Something about it holds us at a slight removebut overall, it works. One gets the sense, watching this predictable but dazzling film, that we all lost something when the circus became safer, but less thrilling. January 8, 2019 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

How long does it take to read Water for Elephants?

The average reader will spend 6 hours and 8 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What happened to the elephant in Water for Elephants?

55-year-old Tai, #elephant in movie Water for Elephants has died “after a brief illness”. ADI exposed how elephants were trained for movies & circuses, filming them being beaten by owners Kari & Gary Johnson of Have Trunk Will Travel, California, now named #ThePreserve in Texas.


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