Is the movie The Harder They Fall based on true story?

The real Bass Reeves was also a US Marshal — the first of African American heritage in Arkansas, to be exact. Allegedly, in his position as Marshal, Reeves killed about a dozen outlaws and arrested over 3000 of them. According to the Netflix Tudum, Reeves is even said to be the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

Who is the movie The Harder They Fall based on?

But while the story is fake, many of the characters in the film share their names with real life historical figures: Nat Love, Bass Reeves, Rufus Buck, Cherokee Bill. Samuel’s characters share some resemblances with their namesakes while diverging drastically in other ways; most have no actual connection to each other.

How much of Harder They Fall is true?

The exact plot of The Harder They Fall isn’t exactly a true story, but more inspired by real events and real people. Because so many of the characters’ real-life counterparts were outlaws, cowboys, and folk heroes, the stories of their real lives have been embellished and mixed with legend over the years.

Where is Redwood City in The Harder They Fall?

The fictional Redwood City, the most colorful of the towns in the film, was created at Cerro Pelon Ranch, then owned by designer Tom Ford. “Jeymes was very clear that he wanted it not to be a dusty old Western town,” says Whist. “He wanted color. … He wanted an original town and original look.”


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