Is the movie Fractured worth watching?

The narration of the story is gripping to watch until the end while its mystery theme made it a worthy movie to watch and to be recommended to others. Though the pacing of flashbacks at time is a little confusing but I think it is bearable to watch as it was fully explained by the story of Fractured.

Is it worth watching Fractured?

FRACTURED is an intriguing little thriller that comes to us courtesy of Netflix, and sees Sam Worthington giving one of his best performances – intense, and fully committed to the character. The best thing about it is director Brad Anderson, whose THE MACHINIST came out and wowed a lot of us some fifteen years ago.

Does Fractured have inappropriate scenes?

There are some violent moments throughout, including scenes in which a woman is shown falling over and getting impaled through the head with a piece of rebar, and a young girl falling to her death in a construction site. Some gory imagery, including cadavers in hospitals with their organs removed.

What mental illness is shown in Fractured?

The data is taken from Fractured Movie, which tells the story of the main character, Ray Monroe, who suffers schizophrenia after he has an accident and loses his daughter, Peri Monroe and his wife, Joanne Monroe.

What really happens in the movie Fractured?

But by the end of the film, you realize that Ray has really been crazy the whole time, unable to cope with his life. The reality that forms around him in the hospital is his brain trying to protect Ray from the horrific trauma of killing another family.

What is the movie Fractured about?

After his wife and injured daughter disappear from the emergency room, a man becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something.

Is Fractured the movie scary?

I wouldn’t let kids below 14 watch this movie because it does have a lot of violence and would be scary and suspenseful to children.

Is fracture OK for kids?

Not for kids under 16, though.

Why is Along Came a Spider rated R?

Parents need to know that this movie is very violent, with many deaths and lots of spurting blood. Characters use strong language.


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