Is The Good Son movie based on a book?

The Good Son, a 1982 novel by American author Craig Nova. The Good Son, a 2016 novel by You-Jeong Jeong. The Good Son (album), a 1990 album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. The Good Son (film), a 1993 psychological thriller starring Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin.

Is The Good Son a remake?

The Good Son (1993) 26% – An adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novel The Child in Time, The Good Son stars Macaulay Culkin hot off of his Home Alone success and putting his off-kilter maturity to good use as Henry, a psychopathic boy whose charms ward off any suspicion that he could be capable of murder.

Was the movie The Good Son Based on a true story?

The Good Son: A True Story of Greed, Manipulation, and Cold-Blooded Murder.

Who is the good son based on?

In February of 1993, two British 10-year-olds, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, abducted and killed a two-year-old named James Bulger.

Who does the mom save in good son?

With only enough strength to save one of them, Susan reluctantly releases Henry and he falls to his death. Susan pulls Mark up and they look down as Henry’s corpse is washed away into the ocean. When Mark returns home to Arizona, he reflects upon Susan’s choice to save him instead of Henry.

Where was the good son movie filmed?

Palisade Head in Silver Bay, Minn., played a pivotal role in “The Good Son,” a thriller starring Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood.

How old was Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son?

Culkin was 13 at the time the movie was released but looks far younger, and Wood was 12.

How old is Henry from The Good Son?

‘The Good Son’ revolves around Mark, a motherless boy of twelve who is sent to stay with his Uncle Wallace, Aunt Susan and two cousins, twelve-year-old Henry and six-year-old Connie.

What happened at the end of The Good Son?

Mark tried to tell the family, but they ignored him, and after Henry fooled the family psychiatrist, Mark was without any allies. Henry lost control, however, and tried to throw his mom, Susan, off a cliff at the end of the movie. Fortunately, Mark was there to help save her, but he and Henry ended up going over.

Who was The Good Son in The Good Son?

Mark Evans is the main protagonist of the film, The Good Son. He is portrayed by Elijah Wood. He is the cousin and archenemy of Henry Evans, the film’s main antagonist. 12-Year-Old son, Mark is smart and kind in The Good Son.

Who played the mom in The Good Son?

Mary Steenburgen was cast as the mother with two unknowns (including Jesse Bradford as the bad seed) starring as the boys. McEwan was optimistic about the project and by November 1991, sets were being built in Maine for a production that would cost approximately $12 million.


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