Is The Change-Up a Judd Apatow movie?

The Change-Up is the latest entry into this genre, and while it adds healthy doses of raunchy Judd Apatow-like humour into the mix it hardly adds anything new or fresh to the formula. Here it is uptight lawyer Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) and slacker wannabe actor Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) who swap roles.

Where can I see the movie The Change-Up?

Watch The Change-Up | Netflix.

Is the change-up funny?

Bateman and Reynolds are undeniably funny, and it’s easy to see why this movie would have been easy for the filmmakers to pitch — great cast, tried-and-true plot device, and tons of hard-R humor.

What is the movie where two people switch bodies?

Vice Versa (1988) – Another film to come out in the late-80s body-swap extravaganza, Vice Versa is one of the more successful.

Who played Tatiana in the change up?

The Change-Up (2011) – Mircea Monroe as Tatiana – IMDb.

What is the change-up movie about?

Once inseparable pals, Dave (Jason Bateman) and Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) have drifted apart over the years. Dave is an overworked lawyer and family man, while Mitch has thus far avoided most of the normal responsibilities of adulthood. Each is envious of the other’s life, and following a drunken binge, the men awake to find they have somehow switched bodies. Dave and Mitch soon discover that things are not as rosy as they seemed and try to find a way to return their lives to normal.

Is change-up movie worth watching?

Overall The Change-Up is a pretty awful movie with a few humorous parts. I did laugh out loud during one kitchen scene but that was really about it. I feel like I’ve seen about five of these body switching movies and I’m really tired of it. I would never recommend this movie to anyone.

Is there a movie called Change?

The Change-Up
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release dateAugust 5, 2011
Running time112 minutes
CountryUnited States

Where was the movie change up filmed?

Ryan Reynolds may bring the comedy on screen in The Change Up, but his off screen life was not so funny while filming in Atlanta.


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