Is Suicide Squad worth watching?

Suicide Squad is one of the worst comic book films I’ve seen. It’s trying to be so many things but it just comes across messy and dull. With poorly developed characters, an awful script and boring story, I wouldn’t recommend anyone see Suicide Squad.

Does Suicide Squad worth watching?

The Suicide Squad takes itself just about seriously enough to be a brilliant watch. The first movie was forgettable. In fact the only memorable thing about it was that watching it was regrettable. With a run time of over 210 minutes, a lot of people won’t be brave enough to invest time in The Suicide Squad.

Is Suicide Squad 1 and 2 connected?

Even James Gunn himself has said that The Suicide Squad isn’t a sequel nor a reboot entirely, and the movie itself may confirm what he meant by tying to Ayer’s movie without following it faithfully.

Is Suicide Squad a marvel?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to redeem some of its most villainous criminals in an upcoming Thunderbolts movie – their take on DC’s Suicide Squad.

Is the Suicide Squad 2021 worth watching Reddit?

Suicide Squad was a terrible movie. If you enjoyed it, you really need to take a break from expectation lowering crap and read a book, preferably one that a high school English teacher would love to hear your thoughts about, and reset your quality standards.

Is Suicide Squad a flop?

More videos on YouTube – The Suicide Squad made $167 million at the box office against a production budget of $185 million, making it the least successful offering in the DC Extended Universe to date.

Why is The Suicide Squad so good?

Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad is exceptionally good at taking mismatched characters and making them gel thanks to the strength of its script and well-calibrated performances. (And as a second crack at the same set of DC characters, it’s a bit of a miracle.)

Is The Suicide Squad a masterpiece?

The Suicide Squad Is A Masterpiece Of Action And Comedy From James Gunn And Is A Comic Fans Cinematic Dream Come True. James Gunn returns with the sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad. This time, the nefarious company woman Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), returns to Belle Reve to recruit the next iteration of Task Force X.

Is Suicide Squad a comedy?

“The Suicide Squad” is fun for adult audiences. It is crude, uninhabited and overly violent. It is a deranged group of people in comedy.

Is Joker in Suicide Squad 2?

The Joker (Jared Leto) does not make an appearance in The Suicide Squad/Suicide Squad 2, although Harley alludes to her former puddin’ during a speech to Presidente General Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto) — who she was beginning a romantic relationship with, and then kills because she felt Luna was going to be another

Was Suicide Squad a successful movie?

Through two weeks, the pic has made $50.7M stateside, and more than $143M WW. Despite having the best reviews out of the Suicide Squad movies at 91% certified fresh, distribution box office analysts assert it was hard for the sequel to makes B.O.


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