Is Suicide Squad 2 a flop?

The Suicide Squad most likely flopped because of its dual release on HBO Max. Even though it was a failure, the characters are likely to play a pivotal role in the DCEU moving forward, as they have amazing franchise potential.

Was Suicide Squad 2 a success?

Yes, had there been no Covid and no HBO Max concurrent availability, we might be talking about a $60 million opening, a $140 million domestic cume and a $366 million global finish.

Is Suicide Squad 2021 a flop?

One of the major reasons that The Suicide Squad failed to pull in the numbers of a movie like F9, which grossed $70 million in its opening weekend, is the same reason it might not be such a flop: it opened day-and-date on HBO Max for free to subscribers.

Why was Suicide Squad a failure?

The Suicide Squad most likely flopped because of its dual release on HBO Max. Even though it was a failure, the characters are likely to play a pivotal role in the DCEU moving forward, as they have amazing franchise potential.

Will there be a 3rd Suicide Squad movie?

Thanks to the events of the Peacemaker finale, Suicide Squad 3 is impossible now. A sequel to James Gunn’s movie hasn’t been announced, but the possibility of a third installment was strengthened by the reception to The Suicide Squad and its success on HBO Max.

Can I watch Suicide Squad 2 without watching 1?

DO YOU NEED TO WATCH SUICIDE SQUAD BEFORE THE SUICIDE SQUAD? Not at all. You’ll have no trouble following The Suicide Squad if you’ve never seen the 2016 film. Many of the main characters in Suicide Squad, including Jared Leto’s Joker and Will Smith’s Deadshot, do not appear in this new movie.

What is the future of DC?

Future films include Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Batgirl in 2022, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Flash and Blue Beetle in 2023. The DCEU was expanded to include television series for the streaming service HBO Max in 2022, beginning with Peacemaker.

How much did Margot Robbie make Suicide Squad 2?

However, she only made a fraction of what she makes today. It’s reported that Robbie only made $347,000 for the movie, which isn’t bad for a new actress, but is much less than what she’s raking in for Birds of Prey. (Still, the number is more than what her costar Jonah Hill made.

Is DC movies rebooting again?

Again. Discovery finalized a deal that gives them control over the DC Cinematic Universe, and they are introducing some major changes. Courtesy of Variety, it’s been revealed that the DC Cinematic Universe is going to undergo some major changes.

Did Suicide Squad 2 make money?

Warner Bros. The Suicide Squad earned around $2.24 million (-81.4%) on its second Friday, bringing its eight-day cume to $37.37 million. That positions the $185 million, R-rated James Gunn-directed DC Films sequel for a $7.2 million (-72.5%) weekend and a mere $42.4 million ten-day cume.

Will there be joker in Suicide Squad 2?

Without taking into account the mixed reception of Leto’s portrayal of the iconic Batman villain, James Gunn explained that he didn’t bring back the Joker in The Suicide Squad simply because he wouldn’t fit the story.

Why is no one in Suicide Squad 2?

Even without Smith, Deadshot was originally planned to be in The Suicide Squad. However, due to scheduling conflicts, he had to be rewritten for another character to be played by none other than Idris Elba.

Why did they recast Deadshot?

At the time of filming, Smith’s busy schedule made it impossible for him to reprise his role in Gunn’s movie. Warner Bros. instead handed the lead role to Idris Elba, who played a separate character named Bloodsport so that Smith could return to play Deadshot in the future if he so chooses to.

Is Will Smith still Deadshot?

As Will Smith didn’t reprise his role as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, writer and director James Gunn chose Bloodsport as the new reluctant villain with a daughter to protect and whose skills revolved around guns.

Is Deadshot black?

Will Smith portrays Floyd Lawton / Deadshot in the DC Extended Universe. Smith has signed a multi-picture deal for the franchise. This version is African-American as opposed to Caucasian in the comics. The character makes his debut in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer.

Can Rick Flag come back?

In their latest look at comic book resurrections, CSBG shows how Rick Flag was brought back to life after a very clear death in the Suicide Squad.

Is Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2?

Unfortunately, Deadshot was removed from The Suicide Squad after Gunn started work on his version of the movie, and Will Smith’s place is now said to have been taken by Idris Elba in the role of Bloodsport.

Who played Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2?

Not quite a full-on reboot, as several characters from 2016’s Suicide Squad are returning, and not quite a sequel as Warner Bros. has made that clear, it’s a unique beast. But Will Smith is a big star and there was at least one point when he would have come back as Deadshot to lead Task Force X yet again.

How did Suicide Squad 2 do in the box office?

167.4 million USD


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