Is Spiral any good Saw?

Not a game worth playing. Spiral: From the Book of Saw is the worst of both worlds. It’s a hollow mimicry of the Saw series, unlikely to satisfy long-time fans, but it has just enough gory, Saw-like material to alienate general audiences.

Is Spiral different from Saw?

“Spiral is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it is not a reimagining,” he explained. “It is a standalone movie that exists in the Saw universe. So what that means is that Saw one through eight are real, they happened, and this movie takes place in that universe, but it is its own storyline.

Where can I find a Saw Spiral?

Watch Spiral: From the Book of Saw Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Who makes Spiral Saw?

Production companyTwisted Pictures
Distributed byLionsgate
Release dateMay 14, 2021 (United States)
Running time93 minutes

Is Spiral a continuation of Saw?

After the failed reboot attempt of “Jigsaw” in 2017, the catchily titled “Spiral: From the Book of Saw” was intended as a reimagining of the franchise, incorporating ideas from Chris Rock, a fan of the horror series looking for a new direction for his career.

Should you see Jigsaw before Spiral?

The main story of the detectives trying to locate the Jigsaw killer takes place ten years after Saw III. It’s his apprentice, Logan, who survived the barn trap that’s actually carrying out the game. Without spoiling the movie if you haven’t seen it yet, Spiral takes place years after the previous Saw movies.


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