Is Sinister movie worth watching?

“Sinister” is one of the best horror films this year. It has a relentless sense of dread throughout and is also incredibly effective and compelling.

Is Sinister a good scary movie?

Sinister is a very good horror film. It’s actually a modern horror that is actually scary. This film is very disturbing though and if is definitely not for young children.

Is Sinister a family movie?

Parents need to know that Sinister — a horror movie from the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose — is about a potentially supernatural killer and the disappearance of several children. It has some genuinely scary, tense, and shocking moments, including images of gruesome murders shown on Super 8 film footage.

Why is Sinister so good?

Sinister brings together the best of both worlds in a lot of different ways, combining a unique and interesting plot with traditional horror cinematography, found footage elements, true crime trappings, and a paranormal undercurrent.

Is Sinister a psychological horror?

‘Sinister’ review: Psychological horror film guaranteed to scare up some goose bumps.

Is insidious scary Reddit?

I used to watch horror movies all the time, but when I saw Insidious, I swore off horror movies for good. It was that scary. The music and the atmosphere reminded me of 80s horror where the eerie environment is more important than the jump scares and the build up to the scares is genius.

How scary is the movie Sinister?

After crunching all the data, Broadband Choices said the title of scariest movie goes to 2012’s Sinister, which tallied a terrifying average of 86 beats per minute with a spike of 131 beats per minute after one of the film’s jump scares.


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