Is Shutter Island a good movie?

He pays attention to every detail in this film, making “Shutter Island” one of the best suspense thrillers of all time. Visually intriguing, simplistic and absolutely phenomenal. The story is kept simplistic enough so it doesn’t get absurd, but allows for an ending which you probably won’t see coming.

Is Shutter Island a comedy?

Critic Reviews for Shutter Island – It’s supposed to be some suspense thriller somebody should have said hey why don’t you go see the hilarious comedy of Shutter Island. It’s not a serious film and it’s not even an especially suspenseful film but it is fun, in a Dr Caligari sort of way.

Was he dreaming at the end of Inception?

The way the film is set up, Inception is a story about a man trying to get home to his children. In truth, the underlying message as we interpret it of the scenes mentioned above is that Cobb is actually still dreaming, and in the end, his dreams are his new home.

Is Shutter Island about PTSD?

Directed by Martin Scorsese and based on a book by Dennis Lehane, Shutter Island is a stylized period piece that ultimately speaks to a contemporary crisis: the post-traumatic stress suffered by so many American soldiers returning from the war on terror.

What Mental Illness Did Teddy have in Shutter Island?

This condition make him always has hallucination and has delusional acute which is identified as the schizophrenia symptoms. created a new identity as Edward Teddy Daniel who as a detective that come to shutter island with the big mission to find the patient number 67.


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