Is Shrek 2 Rated PG?

According to the official press notes from DreamWorks Pictures, Shrek 2, which opens today, is rated PG-13 for crude humor (flatulence jokes) and at least one drug joke (during a shakedown in a Cops spoof, catnip falls from a feline felon).

What was Shrek 2 rated?


Who was the villain in Shrek 3?

Charming is so far the most recurring villain in the Shrek series. Since Charming was the main antagonist of Shrek The Third, he is the first main antagonist of the third film in a computer animated film series.

What PG rating is Shrek?

The MPAA rated Shrek PG for mild language and some crude humor.

How old can you watch Shrek?

Children under 5Not recommended for children of this age due to scary scenes and inappropriate language
Children aged 5 to 12 yearsParental guidance recommended due to violence and coarse language
Children over 12 years of ageOK for children of this age

Is Shrek Au or PG?

On the basis of mild language and some crude humor, the MPAA rates Shrek with a PG rating.

What can J watch Shrek on?

The good news for those of us in the U.S. is that you can watch both Shrek and Shrek 2 streaming free on Hulu. Huzzah! And if you don’t have a Hulu account, you can always rent or buy Shrek on a digital platform such as iTunes, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play, or wherever you prefer to buy and rent digital content.

What Netflix has Shrek?

Unfortunately, for US residents, Shrek isn’t available on Netflix. Fans can stream the musical adaptation of the film on the platform along with the franchise’s short story collections, Shrek’s Swamp Stories and Spooky Stories, and the spin-off film Puss in Boots.

Is Shrek 2 a good movie?

Through its thematic depth, a better ensemble of gut-busting characters, and improved animation and action, Shrek 2 handily tops its predecessor and sits firmly as one of the best-animated sequels ever.

What age rating is Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of action/adventure violence and some frightening images.


Opening to shrek 2 2004 DVD Australia

Opening To Shrek 2 2004 DVD

Opening to Shrek 2 2004 DVD

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