Is Raja Raja Chora hit or flop?

Release Date:-19 August 2021
Running time:-2h 29m
Budget:-1 crores
Profit/Loss:-4.85 Crore
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop):-SuperHit

How is Raja Raja Chora movie?

The Hindu critic Sangeetha Devi Dundoo stated that: “[Raja Raja Chora] is a quirky comedy with laugh aloud segments and an emotional tale of punishment and redemption.” She appreciated the performances of the cast, music, cinematography and editing, adding, “Hasith Goli joins the list of directors to watch out for in

Is Raja Raja Chora a remake?

Raja Raja Chora is our Telugu film. It will be remade in every language, after release of the film.

Who is the heroine of Raja Raja Chora?

Where is Raja Raja Chora released?

After bringing out movies like ‘Alanti Sitralu’ very recently, ZEE5 is all set to release the fun drama ‘Raja Raja Chora’ as a post-theatrical digital release. ZEE5 is all set to stream the super hit movie on 8th October. The streaming platform will bring the crime comedy to its patrons on the eve of the festival.

Is Raja Raja Chora in prime?

Raja Raja Chora’s digital rights have been bagged by Prime Video.

Where can we watch Raja Raja Chora?

Watch Raja Raja Chora Full HD Movie Online on ZEE5.


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