Is protege worth watching?

The movie is a reasonably entertaining diversion, but far, far from groundbreaking, a smooth, but somewhat empty watch, worth it for those who need to scratch an action-flick itch. Our Call: The Protege is mid but halfway decent, sometimes good but never great, occasionally bad but never terrible.

Is the movie Protege worth watching?

The Protege is a fair action thriller film that has some entertaining action. Boring plot. And decent cast performances. Its one of those assassin like films where the story is about an assassin going after a group of bad guys.

Is The Protégé a sequel?

Since no sequel has been officially announced, The Protégé writer Richard Wenk hasn’t revealed any plot details of The Protégé 2. However, based on the ending of the first movie, it’s clear Anna would return to continue her story, and there would be plenty of directions to take her character.

Is The Protégé a remake?

The Protégé
Distributed byLionsgate
Release dateAugust 20, 2021
Running time109 minutes
CountryUnited States

Is The Protégé on Netflix?

IS THE PROTEGE ON NETFLIX? No. The 2021 movie, The Protégé, starring Michael Keaton, is not on Netflix.

Was The Protégé a flop?

Sollosi considered the writing “uninspired” and silly, and though the thought Keaton elevated the “bland” material, she considered The Protégé a flop, saying: RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU Martin Campbell’s cat-and-mouse assassin thriller is self-aware enough as a kinetic genre entry.

Is there an end credit scene in The Protégé?

There is nothing extra during, or after, the end credits of The Protégé. The credits run for approximately 8 minutes.

Was The Protégé filmed in Vietnam?

The film follows the story of the most skilled contract killer in the world, who was raised by the legendary assassin Moody. The Protege was shot in Romania, Vietnam, Bulgaria, and the UK. Da Nang, Vietnam. Photo by Ngô Thanh Tùng on Unsplash.

What is Protege the movie about?

Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna is the world’s most skilled contract killer. However, when Moody is brutally killed, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows. As Anna becomes entangled with an enigmatic killer, their confrontation turns deadly, and the loose ends of a life spent killing weave themselves ever tighter.

What is the ending of protege?

At the conclusion of The Protégé, Anna (Maggie Q) and Rembrandt (Michael Keaton) have one final confrontation. Their relationship has been fraught, and while in another life they may have ended up together, they know that one has to kill the other or else they’ll always be looking over their shoulder.

How long is the movie protege?

1h 49m

Is there nudity in The Protégé?

It’s very violent, with lots of killing (including stabbing/impaling and a beheading), blood, gunfire, and hand-to-hand combat. There’s also sexual content (language, a scene of characters after sex, etc.) and some nudity, including bare breasts.

Is The Protégé a Marvel movie?

Lionsgate has set a date for The Protégé, a new action thriller starring Marvel staple Samuel L. Jackson and directed by Green Lantern filmmaker Martin Campbell. The film, about dueling assassins, will also star Maggie Q and Michael Keaton. The film is set for a release on August 20.


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