Is Om Shanti Om a parody?

CHENNAI, India — As a spoof of the 1970s Bollywood, Farah Khan’s “Om Shanti Om” is well -conceived and executed. As a story about reincarnation, it disappoints. CHENNAI, India — As a spoof of the 1970s Bollywood, Farah Khan’s “Om Shanti Om” is well -conceived and executed.

Is the story of Om Shanti Om real?

Stories and scenes in Bollywood are partly works of imagination and many times are taken from real life incidents. One such scene that was filmy enough was re-enacted in the Farah Khan directorial, Om Shanti Om, where Om (Shah Rukh Khan) saves Shantipriya (Deepika Padukone) who is stuck in a fire accident on the sets.

Is Om Shanti Om a comedy?

‘Om Shanti Om’ easily is a timeless comedy because of its fresh brand of humor.

Is Om Shanti Om based on Divya Bharti?

The film Om Shanti Om was loosely based on her. She had changed her screen name to “Radha” when she signed the film “Radha Ka Sangam” at the age of 16. Starred in the shelved film “Yatra” (1993). Starring Sunny Deol, Divya Bharti.

What was Deepika Padukone first movie?

In 2006, Deepika Padukone made her acting debut with the Kannada film Aishwarya, where she played the lead character, Aishwarya. Her next release was director Farah Khan`s hit film Om Shanti Om, where she delivered a highly-acclaimed performance opposite Shah Rukh Khan, an actor Deepika has always admired.

Who is the villain in Om Shanti Om?

Her secret-husband Mukesh Mehra (played by Arjun Rampal) who is a producer, betrays her and murders her in a fire.

Does Om Shanti Om have a happy ending?

At the end, Om sees the ghost of Shanti tearfully bid him good-bye. She and runs up the stairs and disappears. It is implied that Om and Sandy (who was never the reincarnation of Shantipriya) get together in the end.


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