Is Melancholia a good film?

So “Melancholia” is emphatically not what anyone would call a feel-good movie, and yet it nonetheless leaves behind a glow of aesthetic satisfaction. Total obliteration happens on an intimate scale, and the all-encompassing, metaphysical nature of the drama leaves room for gentleness as well as operatic cruelty.

Should I watch Melancholia?

This movie is not very appropriate for kids and hard for kids to understand let alone adults. You have to have quite an artistic mind to understand this movie. It’s difficult to watch and yes it is quite depressing but if you like movies that tackle the harder topics then this movie is for you.

Is Melancholia based on a book?

The name was inspired by the Marquis de Sade novel Justine (1791). Melancholia was produced by Denmark’s Zentropa, with co-production support from its subsidiary in Germany, Sweden’s Memfis Film, France’s Slot Machine, and Liberator Productions.

What is wrong with Justine in Melancholia?

Justine dies in Part Two of Melancholia, by blindness, by darkness. She is consumed. But she is reborn when she learns that the world is coming to an end.

What is the point of the movie Melancholia?

It centres on a young woman, Justine (Kirsten Dunst) – Von Trier’s surrogate – who experiences a debilitating depression just as the literal end of the world is nigh, with a blue planet, the titular Melancholia, looming in the sky and set to hit Earth. The film is divided into two parts.

Is Melancholia have happy ending?

While their life together is not shown explicitly, a picture at the end of the show tells audiences that the two do indeed get their happy ending.

Why does John commit suicide in Melancholia?

John is unable to face his family after his many promises. He commits suicide unable to deal with what is to come.

What illness does Lars von Trier have?

He explains that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder; that he is not physically fit to be on set any more. In the future, he thinks he might make some short films. A few days here and there, nothing very taxing.

Is Melancholia a sad movie?

“Melancholia” is a depressing movie, which is what it’s supposed to be. Melancholia is in one form a state of depression, a world in which one of the film’s characters resides, and it colors the world very dark for her family members.

Is Melancholia a scary movie?

“Melancholia” is frightening both as a metaphor for depression (morose Justine expects the worst, so she remains calm in the face of sheer disaster), and for its lack of traditional apocalyptic plot points.


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